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Identity theft under state law covers a wide variety of conduct. As a result of this, it is easy to see yourself charged with offense for many types of alleged criminal conduct. Prosecutors take identity theft allegations very seriously and tend to prosecute these cases intensely. As a result, many cases are overcharged, or mistakes are made in the criminal investigation that may present grounds for a criminal defense. You deserve to have your case analyzed by a skilled fraud attorney.

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Identity Theft Laws in Summerville

Many types of separate offenses may be considered identity theft under South Carolina law. Acts such as providing false identification to a minor or a non-citizen, theft of a driver’s license, or much more can result in very serious penalties for a criminal defendant.

Financial Identity Fraud

One of the most serious forms of identity theft is a charge of financial identity fraud. According to Code Section 16-13-510, this offense occurs when a defendant attempts or takes another person’s identifying information and intends to acquire or steal money. If a defendant obtains money for their own benefit from the identity theft, or creates a plan to defraud a person through the theft of identifying information, the penalties can be quite severe.

The law is designed to protect citizens from the theft of their personal identifying information and the negative consequences that stem from that theft. Identifying information includes:

  • State issued ID’s or driver’s licenses
  • Bank account numbers
  • Debit or credit card numbers
  • Social security numbers
  • Digital signatures
  • PIN’s
  • Passwords, answers to secondary questions, or other information used to retrieve personal information
  • Electronic identification numbers

All of these and more may constitute identifying information that, if stolen, may result in charges of identity theft against a defendant. These charges can carry serious penalties if left undefended.

Penalties for Identity Theft

Identity theft is a very serious offense and is a felony. If convicted of the offense of financial identity fraud, a defendant could face up to ten years in prison and an additional fine at the discretion of the court. Restitution may also be ordered where the defendant is required to pay to the alleged victim a sum of money.

As a felony, the offense also risks a defendant’s constitutional rights. This includes the right to serve on a jury, to vote, and to carry a firearm. It may also be difficult to get a job due to a felony on the defendant’s criminal record.

Defending the Case

A strong defense may make all the difference in the possible outcomes. A skilled defense attorney can find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. This can help prevent a conviction or provide avenues for a plea to a less serious charge. Ultimately, an investigation into the unique case will provide the best strategies for moving forward with the defense.

Every defendant deserves a strong legal defense. A qualified identity theft defense attorney can help.

Consult an Identity Theft Attorney in Summerville

Identity theft cases should not be taken lightly. The risk of up to a decade in prison, high fines, and restitution can devastate a defendant’s life. A well-planned legal defense may reduce the risk of these penalties or may even result in a finding of not guilty.

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