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A failure to appear FTA charge can result in serious penalties that are often in addition to other criminal penalties you could face for other charges such as a Bench Warrant for your arrest.  Courts and prosecutors do not like it when defendants fail to appear.

An experienced West Columbia failure to appear lawyer knows the ins and outs of the law and how to build a defense to protect your rights. Schedule a consultation with a seasoned attorney today.

Failure to Appear Charges in South Carolina

A failure to appear charge can result when a defendant misses a previously scheduled court date of which they had proper notice. If the defendant is expected to appear but fails to do so, this charge or issuance of a bench warrant can appear at the request of the judge or prosecutor. If a defendant fails to appear for a trial, he may be tried in his absence.

A contempt of court allegation may result from this type of missed hearing. This is a punishment set by the court itself. This can involves fines and the imposition of jail time. Contempt proceedings can be defended with the help of a skilled defense attorney.

Missing Court Dates in Criminal Cases

When the missed hearing date is in a criminal case the penalties for failure to appear tend to be more serious. These types of hearings are considered more important and so the punishment for missing them tends to be harsher.

Bail and Own Recognizance Penalties After a Failure to Appear

When a defendant is released either on bail or on their own recognizance, there are other bond conditions and penalties that may be imposed on the criminal defendant if they do not show up to court. In misdemeanor cases, a failure to appear charge can result in a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail.

In felony cases, these penalties significantly increase. A defendant could face up to $5,000 in potential fines and a maximum prison sentence of up to five years. As a result of these very serious potential penalties, it is essential that every defendant fight back against these charges.

Defending the Case 

A defense to a failure to appear charge can help reduce or eliminate these potential penalties. If there was good reason for the missed appearance, the court or prosecutor may understand and vacate the bench warrant or drop the FTA charge. Even where there was not a “good reason” for missing the date, providing a defense and working with the court and prosecutor can be very helpful.

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Failure to appear charges should not be taken lightly. As you can see, they could result in years in prison and high fines. Contact an experienced West Columbia failure to appear lawyer today for help with your case.