West Columbia Prostitution Lawyer

When you face a prostitution charge, you need to take the case very seriously. These allegations can affect your reputation, your ability to maintain employment, and could result in jail time. Defending prostitution charges requires years of experience defending these types of cases. A knowledgeable defense attorney has the experience needed to properly represent you in your case.

For help with prostitution charges in West Columbia, an experienced West Columbia prostitution lawyer is prepared to assist you in your defense.

How Prostitution is Defined Under State Law

Prostitution offenses are defined by South Carolina Code Section 16-15-90. It includes acts that result in sexual acts for financial compensation or other service of value. It can also mean other types of specific acts related to prostitution, such as soliciting prostitution, aiding or abetting prostitution, or the exposure of private parts in order to solicit prostitution.

A critical part of state law for defendants to understand is that the defendant never has to complete the alleged act. The act of attempting prostitution is sufficient to be charged with the actual offense. This means that a person who never actually engaged in any sexual acts could be charged and penalized the same as someone who engaged in sexual acts. This is a common occurrence in undercover law enforcement actions to catch alleged prostitutes.

Every prostitution charge requires a uniquely crafted defense that is designed to fit the defendant’s specific situation. A properly trained prostitution defense attorney understands this and will fight for the defendant’s rights every step of the way.

Penalties Upon Conviction

A conviction for a prostitution offense is a serious thing. There are significant penalties associated with the offense that can greatly impact a person’s life. It can affect all areas of a defendant’s life, not to mention the fact that it could rob them of their freedom.

Penalties for prostitution include:

  • First Conviction – After a first conviction for prostitution a defendant could face up a fine of $200 and a maximum of thirty days in jail, or a combination of both.
  • Second Conviction – A second conviction for prostitution may result in up $1,000 in fines and a maximum prison sentence of sixty days, or both.
  • Third and Subsequent Convictions – If a defendant is convicted of a third prostitution offense or any other additional offense, they could face up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $3,000, or a combination of both.

As the number of convictions in a defendant’s criminal history increase so do the applicable penalties. It is critical that every defendant who faces this type of charge fight back against the charges.

Defending a Prostitution Charge

Prostitution charges require an analysis of the unique facts of the defendant’s case in order to build a strong defense. Defenses can help reduce the potential penalties a defendant faces or could even result in dismissal or acquittal. Every case is different, but an experienced criminal defense attorney can build a defense to help achieve this goal.

Build Your Defense with the Help of a Prostitution Attorney in West Columbia

Prostitution charges are not something to take lightly. A well-crafted defense may make all the difference in the types of penalties you face, or whether you are convicted at all.

An experienced West Columbia prostitution lawyer is ready and willing to help you defend your case. Contact us today for help.