West Columbia Parole Lawyer

Parole can help to provide a new start following a conviction for a criminal offense. In order to qualify for parole, you must meet certain requirements and an application is required. Getting a parole request granted is complicated at the best of times, but with the help of a knowledgeable attorney, the process can be followed correctly to give you the best chance of success.

An experienced West Columbia parole lawyer will help you request parole to seek release from prison. You deserve to have your freedom taken seriously.

Rules and Regulations of Parole

State law designates that the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services (DPPPS) govern the rules and regulations of the parole process. These rules are incredibly complex and require knowledgeable navigation in order to be granted parole. Competent legal assistance is a must have in order to move forward with a parole request in West Columbia.

The DPPPS is in charge of the Parole Board, which decides whether an individual will qualify for and be granted parole. The board consists of seven members, one from each of the congressional districts within the state. These members are appointed by the Governor and are then approved by the state senate. The Parole Board is given the power to deny or grant parole, modify or revoke it, and they are permitted to make recommendations as to reprieves and commutations for the Governor.

The Parole Board is an incredibly important set of people. A proper application that meets all of the requirements and puts the defendant’s case in the best possible light is key to a successful application for parole.

How the Board Will Decide

The Parole Board will decide whether an individual receives parole based on the petition. Their task is to determine whether parole should be granted based on certain criteria. The factors the Parole Board will consider include:

  • The date of sentencing for the conviction
  • The type of conviction
  • A defendant’s record while serving time in prison
  • The personal history of the defendant
  • Statements from victims and their opinions as to whether parole should be granted

The board can also consider other relevant information as they see fit, within certain limitations. Putting forth a strong petition is absolutely essential. Parole is by no means guaranteed. Getting it right with the help of a qualified parole attorney is West Columbia will put the defendant on a stronger path.

Revocation Hearings Before the Board

Another power of the DPPPS is to supervise those defendants who were granted parole. When a defendant is granted parole, they are required to abide by all terms of the parole. If a defendant fails to follow all of these conditions, additional penalties can occur.

If the DPPPS alleges a violation of parole by the defendant, there will be a hearing before a judge. The judge will determine whether a violation occurred and whether additional punishment is necessary. Punishment can include:

  • Extension of the prison term
  • Modifications of the terms of supervision
  • Revocation of the parole

Consult a Parole Attorney in West Columbia

If you wish to apply for parole, you should do so with the help of a skilled attorney. The requirements to be eligible for parole are complicated and you should not have to handle this on your own. Your potential freedom is too valuable to risk an ineffective petition.

An experienced West Columbia parole lawyer will help you petition the Parole Board. Contact us today.