Aiken County Expungement Lawyer

One of the most damaging consequences of an arrest and conviction is the criminal record that continues to haunt someone. No one should be branded by one of their mistakes for the rest of their life. Whether you are trying to get a job or want a fresh start, getting your record expunged is a step in the right direction. South Carolina law allows for the expungement or the removal of the record of an arrest or conviction. When this happens, the offense no longer appears on your criminal record. An Aiken County expungement lawyer could help you through the process. Contact a skilled criminal lawyer who is well-versed in the expungement process and the guidelines that may surround it.

Benefits of Expungement

Some of the benefits of getting a record expunged include the following:

  • Obtaining adequate housing
  • Ability to secure gainful employment
  • Opening the possibility to build stronger credit
  • Eliminating potential social stigma

Many apartment complexes and housing communities will not allow someone to live there if they have certain types of criminal charges on their records. A clean record opens many possibilities and gives you new options. One of the biggest hindrances of a criminal record is securing employment. Most employers will not hire someone with a criminal record. Many times people avoid conviction but their arrest records still show on a background check.

An individual should not have to suffer their entire life because of a criminal record. An Aiken County expungement attorney can assist those who want to remove this ovsta

Process of Expungement

The first step to getting your record expunged is determining whether the offense is eligible for expungement. Once it is determined that your record is eligible. The judge signs the order and every state agency must destroy all records of your arrest. This includes the mug shots, booking record, files and fingerprints of the arrested individual. An Aiken County expungement attorney understands the legal process for pursuing an expungement.

Exceptions to Expungement

Not all criminal records can be expunged. There are some charges that are considered to be more severe. The following charges are not eligible.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any of the above charges you can not have them removed from your record. Depending on the specific violent crime, you may not be eligible. An Aiken County lawyer can speak to you about your potential legal options.

Contacting an Aiken County Expungement Attorney

It is never too late to get a fresh start in life. You deserve to enjoy life and have quality experiences through work and your lifestyle. A legal expert is your best option for regaining a bright future for yourself and your family.

If eligible, an Aiken County expungement lawyer could help remove obstacles and open doors for you by petitioning the court to clear your criminal record. Do not hesitate on taking this step towards a new life.