Aiken County Solicitation Lawyer

Soliciting the act of prostitution is an offense that could not only result in fines and jail time but also have a significant impact on your personal and professional life for a long time, if not permanently. If you reside in Aiken County and are facing allegations of solicitation, reach out to a skilled injury attorney. A swift intervention by an Aiken County solicitation lawyer could prevent you from experiencing any negative consequences.

What is Solicitation?

Though both solicitation and prostitution center around one person paying another to perform a sex act, there is one notable difference between the two. While prostitution deals more with the actual act, solicitation focuses on the process of arranging how, when, and where the activity in question will take place.

South Carolina Code 16-15-90 discussing Offenses Against Morality and Decency solicitation provisions include attempting, by any means, to persuade, entice, or intimidate someone into prostitution. It also includes helping enable the act to occur, performing indecent exposure to initiate some type of sex act, visiting any building, structure or vehicle with the aim of engaging in prostitution there and establishing a specific facility designed towards housing or profiting from a prostitution business.

Defending Against these Charges

Like prostitution, the prosecution of solicitation can present a challenge. Prosecuting attorneys are required to prove that the accused intended to commit solicitation with the goal of engaging in prostitution. When purported individuals are caught in law enforcement stings in which officers pose as prostitutes working undercover, intent may be more obvious.

However, when no such evidence can be entered into a court proceeding, prosecutors must often try to prove intent using circumstantial evidence. Regardless of whether there is clear evidence of intent, an Aiken County solicitation lawyer can build an effective defense to debunk any theories the prosecutor presents.

What Are the Potential Penalties for Solicitation in Aiken County?

Like prostitution, the penalties for solicitation are contingent upon how many previous violations the person in question had prior to the current offense. Typically, punishments are monetary fines, jail sentences, or both.

For first time offenses, fines and a jail term could be as much as $200 and 30 days in jail, respectively. A second offense carries a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail. The third or greater offense will result in no more than a $3,000 fine or a year’s jail time.

Other Potential Ramifications

In addition to State-mandated penalties, a solicitation offense could have long-standing impacts on the person’s reputation, family life, and occupation. In some instances, individuals could be left with a permanent stain on their records, which could make tasks such as seeking and maintaining employment or securing adequate housing difficult.

How an Aiken County Solicitation Attorney Can Help

A solicitation offense can carry lofty fines and significant jail time and can cause numerous long-lasting, perhaps permanent consequences. However, there are defenses that may be able to result in a more positive outcome. An Aiken County solicitation lawyer can review your case and formulate a suitable defense that could result in a favorable outcome. To learn how an attorney can help, call today for a free consultation.