Aiken County Prostitution Lawyer

Prostitution, an offense which involves one person performing a sexual act from another individual in exchange for money could yield significant penalties that greatly damage a person’s reputation, as well as their personal and professional lives.

If you reside in the Aiken County vicinity and have been charged with prostitution, a consultation with an Aiken County prostitution lawyer may be the first important step towards achieving a favorable resolution. A dedicated criminal defense attorney could advocate on your behalf and fight for your rights throughout the legal process.

Difficulty of Proving Prostitution Occurred

Clearly demonstrating that the act of prostitution took place can be quite challenging for a prosecuting attorney to prove. Therefore, suspected persons are often charged using circumstantial evidence. Should this situation present itself, an Aiken County prostitution lawyer may be able to formulate a strategy that challenges this less than overwhelming evidence tying the person to the alleged offense.

Failure to begin or complete a specific prostitution-related sexual act does not grant the accused individual(s) immunity from facing potential charges. If a law enforcement officer or prosecuting attorney can somehow illustrate the parties in question intended to complete such an action, charges can still be brought against the suspected person. For more information, contact a well-trained criminal defense attorney.

Potential Penalties in Aiken County Cases

Court-imposed penalties vary depending upon whether the individual in question had committed any prior prostitution-related offenses. In addition, these penalties usually increase in severity with each subsequent offense.

According to South Carolina’s State Code Title 16-Chapter 15 16-15-110 governing crimes and offenses, a first offense may result in a fine of up to $200 or a jail sentence lasting as long as 30 days. A second violation will generally yield a fine of as much as $1,000 and a jail term of no longer than six months. Third offenses and beyond require a fine of up to $3,000 and jail time of no greater than one year.

It is important to note that punishments could also include both fines and jail terms. Moreover, a prior record may bring forth stiffer penalties within the parameters of the mandated punishments. Therefore, it is essential for those facing penalties to reach out to an Aiken County prostitution attorney.

Prostitution Involving A Minor

If an act of prostitution occurred involving a minor, the penalties are much harsher. In conjunction with South Carolina State Code 16-15-425 governing morality and decency, individuals found to be in violation will be subjected to, at a minimum, a two-year prison term. Additionally, subjects in violation of this statute generally cannot have their sentence commuted or become eligible for parole until they have completed the mandated minimum sentence.

Contact an Aggressive Aiken Prostitution Attorney Today

A prostitution charge can leave you in an embarrassing and potentially life-altering situation. Apart from the potential legal penalties, you may also face threats to your reputation and livelihood. That said, there are occasions when the offense can be difficult to prove.

Therefore, a consultation with an Aiken County prostitution lawyer could improve your chances of experiencing a better outcome and the possibility of resuming a normal life. Call today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney about your options.