Cayce Appeals Lawyer

In most court cases, once a person has their day in court, the matter is settled. A legal dispute usually comes to an end once a trial court or jury reaches a verdict. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes it is possible to appeal a court’s decision to a higher court. When this happens, the case will generally go to the South Carolina Appeals Court in Columbia.

If you are displeased with the rulings and/or the verdict from a trial court and believe the court made an error in their decision, it could be possible to bring your case to the appeals court. However, if you are appealing a ruling, conviction or sentence, it is of the utmost importance that you have a Cayce appeals lawyer to represent you. To see how an experienced criminal attorney could help you, call today to schedule a consultation.

Court Decisions That Can be Appealed

Most decisions of the lower courts can be appealed. This includes family court, civil suits, and even criminal sentencing and convictions, including the revocation of parole. If an appeals court is satisfactorily convinced that there may have been a procedural error or an error in applying the law, they may grant the appeal.

Demonstrating to an appeals court that an error was made by a lower court is difficult. Most appeals are never actually heard in front of the court for an oral argument. It takes keen knowledge of the appeals process to present the case. This is why someone seeking an appeal should obtain an appeals attorney in Cayce.

Trial Court vs Appeals Court

Most people imagine a trial attorney when they think of hiring a lawyer. However, an experienced appeals lawyer possesses a different skill set. The appeals attorney maintains a fastidious attention to the minutest details of the appeals petition process, and endeavors towards a meticulous application of state law. A well-versed Cayce appeals lawyer could understand the nuances of the appeals process and can help guide those seeking an appeal.

How to Appeal a Court Decision

In civil cases, the notice of an appeal must be served within 30 days of receiving a lower court’s final judgment. In a criminal case, the notice of appeal must be filed within 10 days. A direct appeal or petition for writ of certiorari is a difficult task to undertake. The sooner a Cayce appeals lawyer can begin working on appeal or petition, the more likely it is that it will be successful.

In other words, if not given enough time before the deadline, an attorney may not have the time to adequately prepare. However, it is sometimes possible to request an extension on a deadline.

Even though a trial attorney may understand the history of a given case, an appeals attorney understands the process of appealing a case. It is much better for someone to have a detail-oriented attorney representing them through this process rather than the attorney who originally handled their case.

Contacting a Cayce Appeals Attorney

If you believe a decision handed down by a lower court was unjust or improper, contact a Cayce appeals lawyer to see whether you could possibly appeal that decision. You should not allow an unfair verdict to determine the rest of your life.

It is important not to waste time because there is strict time sensitive deadline enforced by the South Carolina appellate courts. Call at the earliest possible opportunity to learn more about how an attorney could help you get the final word in your case.