Cayce Minor in Possession of Alcohol Lawyer

A Cayce minor in possession of alcohol lawyer could assist the minor who is facing criminal charges or even school related penalties and consequences following a criminal charge. Possession of alcohol might initially seem like a minor crime, but it could carry significant consequences if you do not seek the advice of an attorney to help explain the South Carolina laws to you.

Even though severe penalties might be faced by you for possession of alcohol charges, a significant number of minors are arrested for this charge. Speaking with a skilled criminal defense attorney could be the pathway to determining whether criminal consequences could be avoided. No one should have to go through this situation on their own, and the insight from an attorney who has handled cases like this before could help you realize all that is at stake for your future.

Penalties for Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Minors, as well as adults, could face potential penalties when a minor is caught in possession of alcohol. These relate to furnishing alcohol to minors, age misrepresentation or illegal purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol. South Carolina laws strictly prohibits adults from selling, furnishing or allowing the sale of alcohol to minors.

Misdemeanor charges could apply for anyone who is caught by the police. Fines and jail time for first offenses can be significant; see South Carolina Code Section 61-6-4070.

As it relates to age misrepresentation, a minor who lies about their age to consume alcohol or attempt to enter a bar could pay up to $200 in fines and could risk as many as 30 days in prison. For charges related to illegal purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol, fines of up to $200 might apply in addition to up to 30 days in jail.

Furthermore, the minor could be required to complete an 8-hour long alcohol-related education program and pay the cost of the program. Screening tests can be requested when it is suspected that minor consumed alcohol. Anyone who has been caught in violation of South Carolina laws could be facing significant penalties that may influence their ability to continue in school. It is best to speak to a knowledgeable lawyer to learn about the specific consequences an individual could face if convicted.

How a Cayce Minor In Possession of Alcohol Attorney Can Help

One of the first things that a party who has been accused of breaking the law should do is consider the benefits of consulting with a Cayce minor in possession of alcohol lawyer. A criminal defense attorney who is experienced in defending minors accused of alcohol charges could walk the accused party through the possible consequences for their future and the importance of getting legal help as soon as possible.

The sooner that an attorney is brought into the criminal defense case, the easier it could be to outline your criminal defense strategy and to begin to prepare the accused party for the varying penalties that might affect them upon conviction. Once you have been arrested, consider exercising your right to speak with a lawyer immediately so that you have legal insight to help guide you through each phase following the arrest.