Cayce DUI Lawyer

If you face driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Cayce, an experienced Cayce DUI attorney may be able to help you keep your driving record clear. The possibility of suffering the harsh penalties associated with a DUI needs to be taken seriously, especially if it is not a driver’s first offense.

Whatever the circumstances that led to your DUI arrest, a skilled attorney could help you fight the charges. Contact a Cayce DUI lawyer today.

What Qualifies as a DUI in Cayce?

Each state sets their own requirements for what level of blood alcohol content constitutes a DUI. In Cayce, anyone who blows a 0.08 percent BAC or more in a breathalyzer can automatically face a DUI charge. However, certain classes of drivers are subject to stricter requirements. For instance, minors have the most stringent BAC limit. Anything above a 0.02 percent BAC level may trigger a DUI charge for a driver under the age of 21.

Commercial drivers are also subject to tighter restrictions than members of the public. They have a greater duty to those around them on the roadways, since many times they are operating larger and more dangerous vehicles, or are driving for long periods of time. Commercial drivers may not operate any vehicle with a BAC of more than 0.04 percent. While BAC levels provide a guideline for levying DUI charges in Cayce, it is always possible that police charge a driver with a DUI offense even if their BAC was not over the legal limit.

Prosecutors may rely upon the impressions of law-enforcement officers conducting field sobriety tests, but unfortunately, sometimes these subjective impressions are wrong and could result in charging an innocent driver with a DUI. Speak with a Cayce DUI lawyer today to learn more about what qualifies as a DUI.

Penalties for a DUI

DUI penalties in Cayce vary based upon whether the charge is a driver’s first alcohol-related driving offense, or whether they have prior alcohol-related driving charges within a certain period. In Cayce, the so-called look back period is 10 years. In other words, if a driver receives a subsequent DUI charge within 10 years of a previous charge, they may receive enhanced penalties meant to deter repeat drunk driving offenses.

A first-offense DUI in Cayce is punishable by up to 90 days in jail and $1,000 in fines. A first offense DUI conviction also triggers a six-month driver’s license suspension, which is an administrative penalty. A second DUI charge within the ten-year look back is punishable by up to $6,500 in fines and between five days and three years in jail.

The penalties get increasingly harsher with each subsequent offense. For example, a fourth DUI carries a penalty of up to $10,000 in fines and seven years in jail. More than one DUI conviction may also require an ignition interlock device on a driver’s vehicle. Contact a Cayce DUI lawyer to find out more about potential penalties for a DUI.

Consult an Experienced Cayce DUI Attorney Today

Regardless of your status as a driver or whether you have previous DUI convictions, it may be important to work with an experienced Cayce DUI lawyer. An attorney may be able to seek reduced or dismissed charges. Call to see how an attorney might be able to help.