Cayce Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

If you have recently been accused of disorderly conduct, it is imperative that you consider protecting your rights. Speaking with a knowledgeable Cayce disorderly conduct lawyer could be the first step in clarifying the specifics of the charges against you and the options available to you in creating your defense.

You might assume that this situation has been blown out of proportion, but it is your obligation to prepare to respond to a public disorderly conduct allegation in full and to take this charge seriously. Seek help from a seasoned defense attorney to learn about your legal options.

Meanings of Disorderly Conduct

One of the most important things that an accused party should know about a disorderly conduct charge is that the definition is incredibly broad and open for interpretation.  In other words, specific descriptions of outlawed behavior are not explained under this statute, and it can sometimes feel as though a police officer has used any behavior to meet the definition of disorderly. South Carolina Code of Laws Section 16-17-530 state the rules surrounding the charge of disorderly conduct.

There are three common ways under South Carolina state law that an individual could be accused of public disorderly conduct. These include:

  • Public intoxication or behaving in a boisterous or disorderly way.
  • Using profane or obscene language at any public place; on a highway or within hearing of a church or a school.
  • Firing a firearm or any kind of gun within 50 yards of public road while pretending to be intoxicated or while being intoxicated.

Public Place Requirements

The legal definition of a public place is distinct from what many people anticipate. A public place could be outdoors or indoors and could even be privately or publicly owned.

Notably, private property could even be classified as public so long as the place is somewhere that the general public could access by invitation or by ride. Some common examples of public places that could lead to disorderly conduct charge and possible representation by a state criminal defense lawyer include sidewalks, malls, libraries, elevators, hospitals, clinics, concert halls, arenas, meeting rooms, restaurants, retail stores, theaters, and waiting rooms.

Disorderly conduct might be used to reference behavior that could be classified as profane, drunk, obscene or boisterous. Any kind of disruptive behavior that could be viewed as disturbing the peace could be interpreted through the eyes of law enforcement as disorderly conduct.

Penalties for a Disorderly Conduct Conviction

If a person is convicted of disorderly conduct, the judge hearing the case gets to determine whether the accused party will serve time in jail, pay a fine, or both. The judge also has some level of discretion in setting the fine. Sometimes pre-trial intervention could apply.  This is a misdemeanor charge, which could carry jail time of up to 30 days and fines of up to $100.

Work with A Cayce Disorderly Conduct Attorney Today

Retaining a Cayce public disorderly conduct lawyer could be the first step in assisting a party who has been accused of disorderly conduct in understanding the necessary steps to protect their future.

It can be overwhelming for you to be accused of this crime and to determine how to prepare a thorough defense in the criminal justice system, but it is extremely important to protecting your rights.