Columbia Child Endangerment Lawyer

A parent or guardian has the legal responsibility to ensure that a child is free from dangerous harm. If they fail to do so, they could be charged with child endangerment. Child endangerment offenses are very broad, which means there are several acts that could lead to a charge. If you have been charged with this crime, consult with a Columbia child endangerment lawyer today. A seasoned domestic violence attorney could work tirelessly to build a defense for you and ensure that your rights are being protected.

Charges Associated with Leaving a Child Unattended in a Car

When a child is left unattended in a car in Columbia, the charge the parent or guardian receives depends on the police officer who drafts the warrant. Some officers might charge a person with cruelty to children. Others could charge the individual with unlawful conduct towards a child. The charge depends on whether the situation creates a reasonable risk of harm. Most law enforcement officers charge the parent or the person responsible for the child with unlawful conduct towards a child because they see an unreasonable risk of harm that could affect the child’s life and physical or mental safety. When the situation to the child is dangerous, they could give the person a felony charge instead of a misdemeanor. A Columbia child endangerment lawyer could attempt to mitigate the consequences that someone may face for child endangerment.

Physical Injury vs. Mental Health Injury Charges

The difference between posing a risk of injury to the mental health of a child and the physical well-being of a child depends on the nature of the charge. With a risk of injury to the mental health of a child, one parent could be verbally abusive, psychologically affecting the child’s well-being. Perhaps the child has an intellectual disability or another type of mental illness and the parent does not seek proper treatment for the child. Physical abuse involves physical evidence like bruises and other visible injuries to the child.

Laws for Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment and physical discipline are separated by a thin line. The law enforcement officer could determine whether there is probable cause for arrest after reviewing the statute for cruelty to children or unlawful conduct towards a child. People who believed they had the right to discipline their child by using corporal punishment have been charged with both statutes. In these cases, the police said the parent or guardian went too far with the punishment and was abusive towards the child.

How a Columbia Child Endangerment Attorney Could Help

A person facing a child endangerment charge is looking at a serious accusation and should obtain legal counsel immediately. Their freedom is at risk and should hire an experienced Columbia child endangerment lawyer. An attorney can begin to prepare the best possible defense from day one. This is why it is essential to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can review the case to identify the available legal defenses and mitigation, make phone calls to the prosecutor, and conduct their own investigation of the case.