False Accusations in Columbia Domestic Violence Cases

Being accused of a domestic violence charge may be stressful, especially due to the severity in South Carolina. There may be many reasons an individual made a false accusation. These could stem from a need for revenge by the plaintiff or simply spite.

False accusations in Columbia domestic violence cases may be apparent in your case and could be dealt with properly by a legal professional. You could have an experienced domestic violence attorney that could act as your defense and protect your rights. Contact a Columbia domestic violence attorney today that could begin working on your case.

Common Evidence Used By the Defense

A domestic violence lawyer may use the following evidence to prepare their defense:

  • Telephone records (calls, text messages, cell site location data)
  • Eyewitnesses that may have seen and heard different things that are related to the case
  • Pictures to disprove injuries or discrepancies at the alleged offense scene
  • Private investigator may be used to see whether there is any other information that could be found
  • Social media posts may prove that the other person lied; such as were bragging about having the defendant arrested

Maintaining Innocence

If a police officer responds to the scene to ask the defendant for their story, they could seek the advice of legal counsel immediately. An individual may not want to provide any statements without first seeking the advice of a lawyer.

If they have direct evidence which could prove their innocence, they could have their lawyer give it to the police. They could make sure to not have any additional contact (phone calls or text messages) with the person who is making allegations.

Protections Against False Accusations in a Columbia Domestic Violence Case

To protect themselves from false allegations of domestic abuse, a person could do the following:

  • Document everything (whereabouts, alibi witnesses, etc.)
  • Limit contact with shared friends and acquaintances
  • No contact with the plaintiff

Consequences of a Domestic Violence Charge

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction make it important to thoroughly prepare a strong defense. False accusations in Columbia domestic violence cases could be combatted in different ways depending on the case.

The consequences could rely on how much evidence was in the case. A thorough preparation, conducted by an independent investigation by a criminal defense attorney, may be necessary to build a defense based on the evidence before them. The defense may be based on:

  • Did the plaintiff make a statement?
  • Are there any injuries?
  • Were there photographs?
  • Are there medical records that are needed?
  • Did the defendant make a statement?
  • What evidence is there, e.g., statements, photographs, physical evidence?
  • Is there anything that could show inconsistencies?
  • Is there anything that could show that the prosecutor has a weak case?

Representation by a Columbia Domestic Violence Attorney

A seasoned criminal defense attorney may choose to conduct their own private investigation, so as to serve you in a suitable manner. After the lawyer conducts their own independent investigation, they may put it all together and create a strong case filled with mitigating factors.

If there is strong defense evidence, this evidence could be provided to the prosecutor to show them that they could dismiss the case or reduce the charge to something reasonable and appropriate. Get in touch with a Columbia domestic violence lawyer today that could protect your rights and defend against false accusations in Columbia domestic violence cases.