Civil and Criminal Actions in Columbia Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is considered to be a significant offense that may result in severe penalties both inside and outside of the courtroom. Civil and criminal actions in Columbia domestic violence cases can be taken against a person accused of committing an act of family violence. Someone facing such an accusation may want to contact a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney to start assessing potential legal options. While an allegation of domestic violence may feel intimidating, a dedicated lawyer could help refute the charge and advocate on your behalf. Call and schedule an appointment for a legal consultation.

Influence of Family Court in a Domestic Violence Case

There are only criminal domestic violence actions in South Carolina. However, the family courts do have jurisdiction over:

A person arrested for domestic violence typically will have a bond hearing and may face potential jail time and costly fines.  If convicted, the degree of domestic violence will determine whether the conviction is a misdemeanor or a felony.

Court Orders

There are several issues common to domestic violence cases. In a domestic violence situation, the alleged victim may ask the court to issue either a restraining order (permanent, emergency, or temporary), an order of protection, or some other mechanism to have no contact with the defendant. These court orders are similar to the no-contact order which may be used as a condition of bond. Civil and criminal actions in Columbia domestic violence cases can result in significant consequences for an accused individual. To mitigate the impact of potential civil or criminal actions, an alleged individual may benefit from seeking reliable counsel from a domestic violence lawyer in Columbia.

Charge Dismissal

In many of the criminal domestic violence cases, the alleged victim may want to drop the charges. To have the charges dropped, they could go to the prosecutor’s office and speak to a victim’s advocate. A victim’s advocate can listen to why they would like to drop the charges and could provide them with a victim’s impact statement and request dismissal. However, it is important to note that dismissal of a case is typically left to the prosecutor’s discretion.  An accused person may also request that charges are dismissed, however, the power to dismiss the charges still reside with the prosecutor of the case.

Learning About the Civil and Criminal Actions in Domestic Violence Cases in Columbia

A domestic violence allegation can lead to extensive legal and personal issues. Someone who has been charged with family violence may want to consult an attorney about the civil and criminal actions in Columbia domestic violence cases. Domestic violence cases can move quickly. Retaining legal counsel that is well-versed in such legal procedures may strongly and positively impact the outcome of a person’s case. Call and arrange for an appointment today.