Lexington Expungement Lawyer

If you are convicted of criminal charges, especially for a first-time offense, the entire process can feel intimidating. Unfortunately, having these charges on your record may mean the criminal offense follows you for life. This may lead you to wonder whether there is any way to clear your criminal record.

In some circumstances, you may be able to have your criminal record expunged. This is a common request for individuals who were convicted of a criminal offense and a Lexington expungement lawyer can work with you to navigate the process of requesting that your criminal record is expunged. Call a seasoned defense attorney today to get started.

Overview of the Process

Expungement is a court order granting a formal request to have a criminal record destroyed. The court order applies to all state agencies. These agencies will be required to destroy any records surrounding a conviction, including fingerprints and any related files. While expungement by the state will not remove a criminal record from the federal FBI database, it can provide a person with an opportunity to start fresh.

If a person’s criminal records are destroyed, prospective employers and other individuals who may conduct background checks on them will not be able to find their criminal record. The FBI database is only available to select individuals under tightly controlled circumstances, so expungement can offer someone the opportunity to escape their criminal record.

Criminal Convictions Available for Expungement

Expungement is addressed in South Carolina’s Code of Laws Section 22-5-910. It is important to remember that not all criminal convictions are eligible for expungement.

Some criminal records that may be able to be expunged include:

  • Simple marijuana charges
  • First-offense convictions from local courts if the individual meets certain criteria
  • Charges where the person was found to not guilty
  • Charges that were dropped/dismissed

There are often additional conditions that must be met for these charges to qualify. These additional conditions may include the passage of a specific period of time or even completion of court-mandated programs.

Some of the charges that are not eligible for expungement include:

A Lexington expungement attorney can help anyone understand more about whether their criminal record may qualify for expungement.

Call a Lexington County Expungement Attorney Today

The expungement process can be complicated. Mistakes in the process can be costly down the road, both in term of fees and time. Your attorney can work with you to determine whether your criminal offenses are eligible for expungement. Your attorney can also help ensure that all the appropriate documentation is in place and that the conditions that may be required are met.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to expungement. However, mistakes you may have made in the past do not need to impact you for the rest of your life. For many people, expungement is a chance at a fresh start with a clean record. An experienced attorney who understands the legal process associated with a request to expunge your record can be a valuable advocate at every stage.

If you are considering the having your criminal record expunged, see how the dedicated Lexington expungement lawyer can be a part of your approach to the process.