Lexington Pardons Lawyer

Past criminal convictions can haunt you for many years to come – even after you completed your sentence or probation. However, a criminal pardon can forgive the legal consequences of your crime and reinstate certain rights and privileges. This can allow you to move on with your life.

The process of obtaining a criminal pardon can be both long and tedious. A seasoned defense attorney may be able to help streamline the process and make it go smoothly. A Lexington pardons lawyer can also determine whether you are eligible to obtain a criminal pardon for your prior conviction. Then they can help you fill out the necessary paperwork and advocate for you before the South Carolina Pardon Board. Call today for a consultation.

Defining Pardons

Criminal pardons are different from criminal expungements. A criminal pardon is simply a way to loosen the grip of a prior conviction. A pardon is granted when the government believes that the individual has paid their debt to society. It essentially buys back some of the accused’s legal rights and privileges by excusing the legal consequences – including the criminal penalties and other consequences of the conviction. For example, a pardon may allow a person to vote, serve on a jury, hold a public office, drive a car, or obtain a professional license.

Criminal records expungements are very different from pardons. A records expungement effectively seals a person’s criminal record, making it wholly inaccessible to the public.  Moreover, the requirements for obtaining a criminal records expungement are more stringent than those required for a pardon.

To qualify for a criminal pardon, the applicant must have fulfilled all the court-imposed requirements of the sentence. A pardons attorney in Lexington may be able to determine an applicant’s eligibility for a criminal pardon.

Filling out the Application in Lexington County

The first step to obtaining a criminal pardon is to fill out the necessary paperwork, including the written application materials. Although this process can be lengthy, a Lexington pardons lawyer can assist in drafting a convincing application.

The pardon application, however, is just the first step. The South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services handles criminal pardons requests. The next step, therefore, is to testify before the South Carolina Pardon Board and allow them to make a determination in your case. It is crucial that someone seeking a pardon has a dedicated lawyer by their side who can advocate on the person’s behalf during the process.

Call a Lexington Pardons Attorney Today

Obtaining a pardon can reinstate some of the privileges you lost following your criminal conviction. Therefore, you do not want to leave the process to chance. The best way to prepare and file a pardon is to work with an experienced lawyer.

In addition to determining your eligibility for a criminal pardon, a Lexington pardons lawyer can review your pardon application. An attorney can also prepare you to testify before the South Carolina Pardons Board and make a convincing presentation. Seek the services of legal counsel today to get started.