Richland County Fraud Lawyer 

Someone accused of committing fraud is accused of illegally obtaining money or property using deceitful practices. In South Carolina, fraudulent crimes are usually charged as felonies.

If you are being investigated for or were already charged with fraud, contact a Richland County fraud lawyer today for legal advice and guidance. A skilled criminal defense attorney can advocate for you.

What are Common Types of Fraud?

There are multiple types of fraud charges a person can face. The most common types of fraud include check fraud/forgery, credit card fraud/financial transaction card fraud or theft, identity theft, and mortgage theft.

Check Fraud / Forgery

Check fraud is when an individual writes a check to pay for items but knows the funds are not available to cover that check.

Many people write a check and then discover after the fact their checking account has insufficient funds. There is a difference between this mistake and check fraud, which is deliberate deception. Check fraud occurs when the person writing the check knows full well the person receiving the check will never be able to cash it for the funds owed.

Credit Card Fraud / Financial Transaction Card Fraud or Theft

Another common form of fraud is credit card fraud. In some cases, the card itself was stolen and the person who stole it uses the card to make illegal purchases. In other cases, the credit card number, security code, and PIN are obtained and transactions that do not require the actual cards (such as online purchases) are illegally made.

Identity Theft

Over the past few years, identity theft – another type of criminal fraud – has become more common. Identity theft occurs when a person’s name, social security number, birthdate, credit account numbers, and other information is obtained, and that information is used to open new credit card accounts and purchase merchandise using those illegal cards.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is intentionally misrepresenting or omitting information to a financial institution in order to obtain a mortgage. Sometimes, borrowers are unaware they committed mortgage fraud; however, they can still be charged with this crime nonetheless.

Other Fraud Offenses

Other types of fraud that a Richland County fraud lawyer may be experienced in defending against include:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Embezzlement
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Wire fraud

Potential Penalties for Fraud

Depending on the circumstances of the crime and the amount of money stolen, an individual who is convicted of fraud could face up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $5,000 with a felony on their criminal record. Even those convictions that may be considered minor – because the amount of money stolen was under $500 – still face sentences of up to one year in prison and up to $1,000 in fines. A Richland County fraud lawyer could attempt to mitigate the severity of the charges that an individual may face.

Talking to a Richland County Fraud Attorney

A skilled Richland County fraud lawyer could be aggressive in using all available resources when defending against a fraud charge, with the goal of obtaining the best outcome possible.

Call today to speak with an experienced lawyer who can evaluate your case, help determine a legal course of action, and work to defend you against your charges.