Richland County Solicitation Lawyer

Prostitution is illegal in nearly every state (with the exception of Nevada), and anyone who attempts to offer money in exchange for sexual favors can be charged with solicitation.

The vast majority of society does not approve of prostitution, and in an effort to curb its spread and popularity, and as discussed above, the legal system charges those who attempt to purchase sexual favors with solicitation.

In addition to prostitution, virtually anyone who attempts to coerce another person into committing a criminal act can be charged with solicitation.

If you are charged with solicitation, a Richland County solicitation lawyer could help you build a strong defense. Contact an experienced defense lawyer today to begin your case.

Understanding the Key Elements of Solicitation

Solicitation is most often associated with prostitution, but in reality, a wide range of crimes can result in charges of solicitation. Simply put, solicitation occurs when one person requests or encourages another person to engage in a criminal act.

The person making the request must also intend to engage in the criminal act with the other person, and it is important to note that the act does not have to be carried out for anyone to be charged.

Laws forbidding solicitation can be complicated, and in many cases, even an implied request can land a person in trouble with the law. Law enforcement agencies often perform undercover operations that attempt to expose individuals engaging in solicitation, and any evidence they gather will usually be turned over to the courts.

Consequences of a Solicitation Conviction

As with most criminal offenses, solicitation charges vary in severity. For example, a person who is believed to have solicited another person to commit robbery or murder will face harsher penalties than someone accused of soliciting a prostitute. Individuals with prior charges will also face the prospect of harsher sentencing, as well as those charged with soliciting a minor. Depending on the nature of the solicitation charges, individuals may face the following legal consequences:

  • Imprisonment
  • Fines
  • Community service
  • Probation
  • Other forms of restitution

First-time offenders are often able to avoid such penalties with the help of a Richland County solicitation attorney, but even individuals with prior convictions may be able to get their charges dropped or reduced.

Can Solicitation Charges Be Reduced or Dismissed?

In court, the prosecutor will attempt to prove the defendant willingly engaged in solicitation. They will use any evidence and testimony provided by law enforcement officers to do this, and in many cases, they will be successful.

However, all acts do not amount to solicitation, and sometimes, law enforcement agents can make mistakes. There are no laws forbidding adult individuals from engaging in consensual sex acts, and if no money or favors were offered, the court may not be able to charge the defendant with solicitation.

In many cases, even if an offer is made, the defendant cannot be charged if they recanted. The courts may also reduce or dismiss charges against individuals who solicited others under great duress.

How a Richland County Solicitation Attorney Protect Help

If you have been charged with solicitation, you have a right to feel confused and angry about your reputation being tarnished and your freedom in jeopardy. The charges filed against you may be unfair, but there are ways to safeguard your rights in the face of aggressive prosecution.

By working closely with a seasoned attorney, there may be a way to avoid many of the previously mentioned legal penalties, even if you have prior charges. Get in touch with a Richland County solicitation lawyer for more information.