Richland County Prostitution Lawyer

Someone accused of performing illicit acts in exchange for money or other favors can be charged with prostitution. This can be a serious charge, especially if you were convicted before or have an existing criminal record.

If you are currently facing prostitution charges, contact an experienced attorney. A Richland County prostitution lawyer may help ensure your rights were not violated and may also represent you in court.

Law Enforcement and Entrapment

Law enforcement officials sometimes resort to a tactic known as entrapment to catch people suspected of prostitution. Entrapment occurs when law enforcement officials pretend to be customers seeking or offering the services of a prostitute and arrest individuals who subsequently offer or accept them.

During these stings, law enforcement officers may infringe on the rights of those suspected. Depending on the nature of the situation, a Richland County prostitution lawyer may be able to help those suspected of engaging in prostitution determine whether the method by which they were accused or arrested was legal.

Defenses to Prostitution Charges

There are many defenses to prostitution. A Richland County prostitution lawyer can determine which to use. Perhaps contrary to the thinking of mainstream society, everyone charged is not guilty, and individuals facing such charges will need assistance in clearing their name. Some common defenses include:

  • The accused individual committed illegal acts under duress. For example, the person accused of prostitution was forced by another person or organization to engage in the act, which is also known as sex trafficking
  • The apprehended individuals were engaging in consensual sex and no compensation was offered
  • The compensation offered to the accused individual was not for sexual purposes. For example, the accused person could be collecting money that was owed them

Fighting these charges is not easy, but with help from the right lawyer, accused individuals may be able to move forward from their accusation.


There are numerous potential penalties, and in many cases, individuals with prior charges can face stiffer penalties. Even if a person is charged for the first time, they may still have to deal with serious consequences. Depending on the nature of the case, convicted individuals may face the following legal consequences:

  • Jail time
  • Legal fines
  • Probation
  • Community service

Because of the harshness of the potential penalties, it is important for individuals to reach out to experienced Richland attorneys for help building a strong defense.

Working With a Richland County Prostitution Attorney

Prostitution charges can be complex and difficult to comprehend. Facing the legal system without assistance and advice from an attorney can be daunting.

If you were charged with prostitution, a skilled Richland County prostitution attorney can help prove your innocence or reduce your charges. Your lawyer will fight aggressively against the charges you face to receive your best conclusion for your case. Discuss your charges with a seasoned Richland County prostitution lawyer today for help and guidance you need and deserve.