Chapin Expungement Lawyer

An expungement is an order from a court authorizing the removal of specific items from a criminal record, such as criminal charges that were ultimately dismissed or resulted in a non-conviction. Expungements are also referred to as Orders for Destruction of Records. Contact a Chapin expungement lawyer for assistance identifying items on your record that are potentially eligible for expungement.

An advantage of expungement is that expunged items are no longer accessible to the general public, including potential employers, landlords, or creditors. That means an arrest that was expunged will not adversely affect employment opportunities, for example. In most cases, items expunged from a criminal record are not available to anyone except select law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Reach out to a diligent defense attorney to discuss your legal options.

Understanding Eligibility for Expungement in Chapin

The expungement of criminal records is outlined in Chapter 22, Title 17, of the South Carolina Code of Laws under article 9. An attorney familiar with the expungement process in Chapin could assist with the expungement process, including the completion and filing of all required forms.

Not all criminal records are eligible for expungement in Chapin. Generally, only first-time or minor offenses are eligible to be expunged. Examples of police or court records that are eligible for expungement include:

  • Non-convictions for a not guilty verdict
  • Charges that were dismissed by a judge
  • Charges that were never prosecuted by the Solicitor
  • A first offense conviction as a youthful offender for a nonviolent offense
  • A first offense conviction for a misdemeanor fraudulent check offense
  • A first offense conviction for the simple possession of marijuana or other drugs in which a conditional discharge was issued
  • A first offense conviction for failing to stop when signaled by law enforcement
  • A first offense conviction for an offense with a maximum penalty of 30 days confinement or a $500 fine
  • Offenses for which charges were dismissed after successful completion of a diversion program, such as an alcohol or traffic education program

There is always a possibility that eligible criminal records might not be approved for expungement by the court. An experienced attorney could provide more information about situations in which an expungement request might not be granted.

Ineligibility for Expungement in Chapin

Expungement is reserved for criminal records pertaining to first time or minor, nonviolent misdemeanor offenses. Generally, violent or felony offenses are not eligible for expungement in Chapin. Wildlife and game offenses are also not eligible for expungement.

Most traffic and motor vehicle offenses, including driving under the influence (DUI), are also not eligible for expungement. A first offense conviction for failing to stop after being signaled by law enforcement is the only eligible traffic offense. A lawyer who assists with requests for expungement of criminal records could provide further explanation about ineligible records.

Speak with Chapin Expungement Attorney Today

It can be extremely beneficial to have eligible items expunged from your record, but the process of requesting an expungement can sometimes be confusing. It could be in your best interest to work with a Chapin expungement lawyer who could ensure all required forms and documents are completed correctly and submitted to the appropriate court.

Avoid making a costly error that could result in denial of your expungement request by attempting to handle it yourself. Obtain essential legal assistance with the expungement of criminal records by speaking with an attorney for expungement in Chapin. Call today to get started.