Chapin Failure to Appear Lawyer

Failing to report for court at a scheduled date could result in a judge issuing a bench warrant for your arrest. If you missed a court date due to circumstances or factors beyond your control, such as emergency hospitalization or never receiving a notice to appear, an experienced defense attorney could help you fight to get the warrant lifted/vacated.

Depending on the type of court appointment you missed, such as for a traffic violation, you may be tried in your absence (known as a TIA). However, a bench warrant could still be issued and would appear on your criminal record. Criminal records are available to the general public and could be viewed by potential employers, landlords, and others. Speak with a Chapin failure to appear lawyer to discuss your case, rights, and legal options.

Failure to Appear and Contempt of Court

The consequences for not appearing in court as scheduled depending on the type of court appointment that depending. Missed court dates pertaining to traffic violations, child support, or other non-criminal matters might only result in the issuance of a bench warrant. Once a person is arrested on the bench warrant, that individual can be brought back to court to resolve the matter associated with the original missed court date.

In addition to issuing a bench warrant, a judge could also hold a person in contempt of court for failing to miss any type of court date. For example, missing family court dates pertaining to matters involving child support or alimony could result in the issuance of a bench warrant, as well as charges of contempt.

A person charged with contempt of court could face additional penalties, so it is best to consult an attorney who handles failure to appear and contempt cases in Chapin. A knowledgeable attorney could explain the possible penalties associated with contempt charges and fight to have the charges dismissed.

Penalties for Failing to Appear in a Chapin Court

The penalties for failing to appear in a Chapin court on a misdemeanor or felony (Lexington County General Sessions Court) criminal matter could include a substantial fine or a period of confinement. The potential consequence for missing a court date regarding a felony offense are generally more severe than when a misdemeanor offense is involved.

Individuals facing misdemeanor criminal charges who are released on bail or their own recognizance and fail to appear for future scheduled court dates could be fined and incarcerated if the maximum sentence associated with the misdemeanor offense is at least one year. In addition to being sentenced for the misdemeanor offense, if found guilty, missing a court date could result in additional penalties of imprisonment for up to one year and a fine up to $1,000.

Individuals released on bail or their own recognizance in connection with a felony offense or while waiting to be sentenced following a felony conviction could sit in jail until the charge is resolved and may face additional penalties for failing to appear in court. The penalties include a $5,000 fine, imprisonment for five years, or both a fine and imprisonment. A diligent Chapin lawyer who handles cases involving missed court appearances could answer questions about the penalties for failing to appear.

Seek Help from a Chapin Failure to Appear Attorney Today

If you missed any type of court date, even for traffic court, it is best to contact a Chapin failure to appear lawyer who could work to have any bench warrants or contempt charges dismissed. It is especially critical that you consult a lawyer if the missed court date pertained to a misdemeanor or felony criminal matter.

Missing a court date is a serious matter that could potentially result in criminal sanctions, including confinement and a substantial fine. If you missed court, it is best not to ignore the situation as it will not go away on its own. Speak with an attorney for failure to appear cases in Chapin right away.