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College can be a wonderful educational and learning experience for many students. Unfortunately, however, college students occasionally make mistakes that can have long-term consequences. The students who make these mistakes could also end up before the school’s disciplinary panel or in the criminal justice system.

If you are a college or university student who is facing disciplinary action at your school and/or criminal charges, you need an experienced defense attorney by your side. A Chapin student defense lawyer can use their knowledge to help you reach the best possible resolution of your case.

Criminal and University Allegations

Students at a college or university in Chapin could face any number of criminal and/or university charges. Those charges typically include one or more of the following:

Students facing any one of these allegations at school or in criminal court should contact a knowledgeable student defense lawyer in Chapin today.

School Disciplinary Hearings and Criminal Charges

It is important for college and university students to understand that the disciplinary rules at their college or university might be stricter than the federal or state laws applicable to their particular offense. For example, a college or university could theoretically evict a student from campus housing if the student commits a minor drug offense or engages in common underage drinking. These consequences are even possible if a state prosecutor decides to dismiss – or ‘nolle prosse’ – the corresponding criminal charges.

Evidentiary standards and the legal burdens of proof might also differ when comparing school disciplinary proceedings with their criminal counterparts. Generally speaking, the burden of proof during school disciplinary proceedings is much lower than it is in federal or state criminal proceedings. Consequently, even in cases where probable cause does not exist to charge the accused student criminally, that student might still have to present a defense at a school disciplinary hearing.

Also, at a school disciplinary hearing, the accused student might not be able to take the stand and testify, and the student might not be allowed to cross-examine their accuser. A knowledgeable Chapin student defense attorney could assist the accused student by representing them at a school disciplinary proceeding, as well as at any corresponding criminal proceeding, such as a criminal hearing or jury trial.

Potential Penalties

School disciplinary proceedings and criminal proceedings can have serious consequences that could last for the rest of the accused student’s life. At the school level, the student could face suspension, expulsion, or a period of probation. The student could also lose financial assistance, including scholarship funding.

At the criminal level, a guilty finding and/or a conviction could subject the accused student to criminal penalties, including probation, fines, and incarceration. Generally, the extent of the penalty imposed depends upon the seriousness of the underlying offense, as well as the accused’s past record of arrests and criminal convictions, if any.

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If you or your son or daughter is facing a school or criminal charge, you should contact an experienced Chapin student defense lawyer as soon as you can. Your attorney can prepare you to testify at all school or criminal court proceedings and work towards minimizing the potential consequences.