Chapin Gun Lawyer

There are many different types of weapons charges that can be assessed in the state of South Carolina. Anyone who has already been accused of a weapons charge could consult with a Chapin gun lawyer to determine the penalties and consequences of a conviction.

As with all crimes, an accused person has the right to a criminal defense attorney as soon as he or she is being investigated or has been accused. It is a mistake to assume that a weapons charge is a minor crime. An experienced defense attorney could evaluate the next steps and explain the legal stages of the case no matter whether the crime was charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

Classifying Gun Crimes

Some gun crimes could be charged as a misdemeanor, which is usually punished by up to one year in jail and through the payment of fines. A felony gun charge, however, could carry a jail sentence of much longer than one year in addition to other consequences (e.g., 5 years).

A judge could also exercise discretion and use probation as alternative punishments for a gun crime conviction, but a violation of any of those terms could lead to a full jail sentence for the convicted party.

Common Weapons Charges

There are a few different kinds of weapons charges that could apply to an accused’s situation. Criminal charges for weapons-related issues are covered under South Carolina Code of Laws Section 16-23-10.

Some weapons are prohibited entirely, leading to charges if a member of the public is caught with that kind of weapon. Regulations within the state also cover possession of a weapon by a person who is prohibited from owning one (e.g., felon in possession of a weapon), possession of a weapon by a juvenile or someone without a license or permit, possession of a serious weapon during the commission of a violent crime like a robbery, having a gun on school property, or unlawful carrying of a pistol.

Gun Crime Defenses

A gun crime defense attorney in Chapin could look into the circumstances of the arrest or the alleged act to figure out what potential defenses might apply. Common defenses include mistaken identity, illegal search, and seizure, alibi placing the accused at another location during the commission of the crime, mere presence, improper Miranda warnings, or improper questioning.

Gun charges can be prosecuted in state or federal court. Federal gun laws regulate and govern the transfer, trade, manufacture, and transport of ammunition, firearms, and certain firearms accessories. No matter where the case is being prosecuted, a skilled attorney in Chapin could help an accused person with understanding phases of the case.

Contact a Chapin Gun Attorney Today

In the uncertain moment of being charged, it is important to pursue experienced legal representation. When you have been booked and brought into the police station, officers might try to suggest that you could cooperate with them and that this will have some direct benefit on your case.

It could be a mistake to speak with the police officer before you have a chance to consult with your Chapin gun lawyer. A full understanding of the charges against you is important for building your defense strategy. Looking online and finding testimonials about a criminal defense attorney could narrow down the field when trying to find a lawyer.