Columbia Ammunition Laws

The way ammunition is regulated can be compared to how firearms are. Columbia ammunition laws that apply to firearms apply to the sale and purchase of ammunition because there are laws regarding public safety and not just criminal codes. Even though South Carolina is a gun friendly state, you still should be very careful because you could still be considered in violation of public safety.

Contacting a qualified gun lawyer can help clarify the ammunition laws and regulations that apply to you. A Columbia gun attorney will have the knowledge necessary to assist you in any legal trouble you may be facing.

Ammunition Laws and Penalties

Columbia ammunition laws that apply to firearms apply to the sale and purchase of ammunition if they do not have a felony on their record, are over the valid age, or have a special collector’s certificate for collecting certain types of weapons and ammunition like licensed firearms dealers. If an individual is a citizen that does not have a felony on their record, they will be able to possess all legal ammunition, but there are restrictions to that. They cannot transport it on a plane or transport firearms and ammunition across state lines.

The penalties if a person is found guilty of unlawful possession of a firearm in a gun-free zone are the same as the unlawful carrying of a pistol. There are no additional enhancements to the penalties. If there is a law that has an enhancement, it would be in addition to unlawful carrying of a pistol that would specifically punish the fact that someone disregarded a gun-free zone. It can be on the state level and federal level as far as the specific law, but it is one that is rarely enforced.

Possessing Ammunition

When discussing Columbia ammunition laws, it is important to point out that individuals are not able to transport ammunition across state lines. They are also not able to take ammunition into places that guns and ammunition are not allowed and specifically prohibit it.

Having a valid concealed-carry license or a concealed weapons permit does not give them the ability to disregard the laws regarding travel with firearms and ammunition, the sale of firearms and ammunition, or the distribution of firearms and ammunition. There are rules in place that present ammunition from being sold or transported.

If someone had a concealed weapons permit in Columbia and was not selling the ammunition, but had the ammunition on their person, concealed with a permit, and the ammunition is not in a place that is specifically prohibited like gun-free zones, then there would be no issue.

Restricted Ammunition in Columbia

A person who does not have the ability to have a gun permit should not have the ammunition. Restricted ammunition is that which is considered unlawful. It is very rare on the state level for Columbia ammunition laws to deal with restricted ammunition other than for the sale and distribution of firearms and ammunition. On the federal level, there are more specific laws that define illegal ammunition. The United States Code of Laws and the South Carolina Code of Laws cover any prohibitions on the sale of specific types of ammunition that the law has deemed illegal.