Transporting a Firearm in Columbia

There are many people who have valid reasons for transporting a firearm in Columbia. For example, some people may find the need to travel around the state of South Carolina due to their job schedule or any other form of obligatory action. These individuals will most likely possess a concealed weapons permit. However, if a person does not have a permit, they are still allowed to transport firearms if it is in an integrally fastened compartment or some sort of glovebox/center console that has a latch or trunk.

When an individual crosses state lines, there are different rules and regulations regarding the transportation of firearms and it makes a difference whether it is a personal pistol for self-defense or whether it is a significant amount of guns that a dealer would be selling. There are specific licenses that are needed as far as transporting. The most common is transporting for self-defense from place to place.

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Steps Needed to Take to Legally and Safely Transport a Firearm

The two places to visit are the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s website in order to look at all of the laws set forth. A person can also go to the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms’ website, the ATF’s website, which has the laws specifically listed for people to review. They could also go to an attorney’s office and have the attorney explain to them what the law is on the state and federal level. For people who are going to commonly carry and transport or sell firearms, they should do all three.

Transporting a Firearm in Columbia without a Separate Compartment

If someone does not have a concealed weapons permit in South Carolina and they do not have a glove box or center console with a latch or a trunk, they cannot legally transport the weapon. If they are in a car, they should have the ability to put a pistol or any type of weapon in a latched compartment or in the trunk. If for whatever reason, they do not have that ability, then they cannot legally transport it without a concealed weapons permit and still having the weapon concealed.

Unlawful Transportation of a Firearm

It is unlawful when someone is transporting a firearm in Columbia that is not in compliance with the South Carolina Code of Laws. For example, if the weapon is not in an integrally fastened compartment, under their seat, in a bag on the floorboard where it is accessible and not concealed, or if they have a concealed weapons license and it is lying on the seat but not covered up and concealed, all those are unlawful transporting of a firearm. What is important in transporting firearms across state lines for the sale and distribution is having the proper licenses or safety procedures in place.

Someone convicted of a felony or criminal domestic violence is not allowed to be in possession of a weapon. The federal government considers anything over a year to be considered a felony. Any federal crimes or any felony convictions on the state level would prohibit a person from possessing or transporting a weapon in South Carolina. If somebody is convicted of domestic violence, it also prohibits them from transporting a weapon and being in possession of a weapon.

Penalties for the Unlawful Transportation of a Firearm

The penalties associated with unlawfully transporting a firearm in Columbia depends on whether it is a stolen pistol, and whether it is a state or federal offense. If someone is caught with having an unlawful possession of a stolen weapon, they would be facing a felony that carries up to five years. If someone is unlawfully carrying a pistol, it would be a misdemeanor up to one year.

Regarding transportation, it could also depend on whether the person is transporting a large amount of guns or trying to transport the guns for the sale and distribution. When they do not have the appropriate licenses, there are laws in place to cover that, as well.