Traveling with Ammunition in Columbia

South Carolina is a gun-friendly state, but a person could be facing a life-changing felony if charged with traveling with ammunition in Columbia, depending on the situation. It is very serious and they should seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

It is important to have the knowledge of local firearm laws and the understanding of how to go about traveling with ammunition in Columbia without legal issues. Should you ever find yourself in legal bindings due to the improper transportation of ammunition in Columbia, a qualified gun lawyer can assist you in your case.

Traveling with Ammunition in Columbia

Traveling with ammunition in Columbia is defined as an individual who has ammunition in their car and is traveling across state lines, although that may not necessarily be in the city of Columbia. There is a distinction between state travel and interstate travel, in which someone crosses state lines.

As far as the city of Columbia, there are no specific requirements that limit or restrict the transport of ammunition that would be any different than the federal and state laws in South Carolina.

License firearm dealers can travel with ammunition in Columbia if they have been granted specific approval, and are traveling appropriately and safely. If someone is carrying a concealed weapons permit, they can travel with a small amount of ammunition for self-defense as long as it is in compliance with all of the rules and regulations.

Potential Penalties

The nature of the penalties depends on how many weapons are involved and what type. This could be considered a felony. Felonies are life-changing. A felony conviction can prevent someone from getting gainful employment, future housing, and scholarships. Overall, a felony conviction is ultimately detrimental to someone’s life.

Some examples of the penalties for unlawfully traveling with ammunition in Columbia could be that someone’s gun license, even a lawful firearms dealer, is revoked. Authorities can remove their license, or have to deal with forfeiture of the gun, and other assets. The government can perform an asset forfeiture proceeding in an attempt to seize and take possession of the gun, firearms, or other assets involved. Also, the person could possibly face jail time, which would result in someone being incarcerated.

Legal Permissions

Gun owners can go onto the ATF’s (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) website or the SLED’s (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) website and review the laws.

If someone does not feel that they are able to do the research on their own, they can go into a lawyer’s office and speak to a lawyer. A qualified attorney can do the research, pull the cases, pull the statutes, show them the law, and give them the proper legal advice to ensure their rights are protected.

As long as an individual is in compliance with the laws and are not doing anything that requires a federal firearms license, then there are no issues that they would need to worry about regarding the lawful transportation of ammunition. Consulting with an attorney is always advisable, especially for someone who is traveling with ammunition in Columbia.