Possession of Ammunition in Columbia

People understand that there are laws restricting when and where firearms can be used, but sometimes they do not realize the same is true of possession of ammunition in Columbia. If you need legal representation for issues related to ammunition, a gun lawyer can assist you in your fight. Work with a dedicated attorney that can work to protect your rights.

Restricted Ammunition

Some restricted ammunition is specifically for safety purposes. Because of the level of danger that the type of ammunition holds, like ammunition that pierces body armor or some type of exploding round device, there are specific factors that separate legal ammunition from illegal ammunition.

Examples of restricted ammunition would be defined when a person is not allowed to have that ammunition in their possession. There are different levels of possession of ammunition in Columbia.

Large Capacities of Ammunition

When considering possession of ammunition in Columbia, it is important to understand that the laws do not allow for unfettered sale and distribution of ammunition. There are federal laws in place that protect licensed firearms dealers and that gives them permission to sell guns and ammunition on different levels.

An individual needs to go to The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) website as well as the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s website, SLED’s website, which show all the different requirements and licenses needed to be a licensed firearms dealer and how to be able to transfer large capacities of ammunition. They have those restrictions in place as a matter of public safety. They want someone to be licensed and have proper training, certifications, and procedures in place to ensure the safety of the citizens.

Ammunition for Licensed Firearm Owners

If a person is a licensed firearm owner, they buy ammunition for any firearm. A concealed weapons permit does not limit an individual gun owner to buying a specific type of ammunition, whether it is for a shotgun, rifle, or a pistol. There is no limitation on that, as long as it is legal.

If the type of ammunition is illegal, then a person cannot purchase it. If a person has a nine-millimeter pistol, their concealed weapons permit may not be specifically for a type of weapon; it is just for concealed-carry of firearms. If an individual has multiple types of pistols, they can buy multiple types of ammunition for it. There are no restrictions on possession of ammunition in Columbia.

Law Enforcement

The laws in place from the federal government are tracked by the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents. They go to licensed firearm dealers. There are specific logs and record books that are required for these dealers to keep when selling and distributing large amounts of ammunition, even the basic sale of ammunition. There are specific rules and records that must be kept regarding the sale and distribution of ammunition.

Important Facts on Possession of Ammunition in Columbia

If a gun owner is going to be responsible for the possession of ammunition in Columbia, they should keep it in a fastened compartment. They should not leave the ammunition out in the open inside a vehicle. They should keep it concealed and treat it the same as the firearm. If the gun owner does this, there are no issues with law enforcement if an individual is pulled over in a traffic stop or has some type of encounter with police. It cannot be used against them if they keep it in a secure, lawful place.