Illegal Firearm Modification in Columbia

With a firearm, some alternations are permissible by the law. However, some modifications can be considered unlawful due to its length or some other change to the way the weapon fires. If you have been charged with an illegal firearm modification in Columbia offense, seek the services of an accomplished lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

Examples of Illegal Firearm Modification

Examples include any modification by law deals with either the trigger mechanisms, the suppresser silencer of when the gun is fired at the end of the barrel, or anything that increases the ammunition capacity to an unlawful amount. An individual can buy certain items that allow the guns to shoot faster as long as they do not turn it into something that meets the definition of a machine gun. For a sawed-off shotgun, it means having a barrel less than 18 inches in length or having an overall length of less than 26 inches. As far as a sawed-off rifle, it is a barrel of less than 16 inches. The firearm is legal as long as the gun is not modified to where it automatically shoots more than one shot without a manual reloading by single function to trigger, so it is not a semi-automatic weapon like a standard AR 15 or AK 47.

The mayor of Columbia has tried to propose legislation on bump stocks that help guns shoot quicker. It makes a semi-automatic rifle shoot in a faster capacity. Beyond a single function on the trigger would constitute it as a machine gun.


South Carolina has different laws than the federal government. When one is facing a charge of an illegally modified a firearm, under Chapter 31 sections of South Carolina law, it is a felony conviction and it could be up to 10 years imprison.

Defense for Illegal Firearm Modification Charges

The easiest defense of an illegal firearm modification in Columbia would be that the modification did not cross the threshold level to be considered either a machine gun or a sawed-off shotgun. The gun’s barrel is not less than 18 inches in length and it is not modified in a way that it shoots automatically with a single action trigger. The other defense is that the person does not possess illegal firearms. Those weapons were someone else’s, which happens often when groups of people go shooting. For example, if someone was shooting guns at a shooting range with a friend or an acquaintance and that person was transporting their friend’s weapons and the person got arrested for possessing the weapons. The built-in defense would also be that they did not illegally possess the weapons, the person was merely present.

How an Attorney Can Help

When facing gun charges, it is important to immediately contact a lawyer who has the knowledge of the courts and gun laws in the state of South Carolina. It is vital that you have your rights protected and do not face any convictions. If you are facing charges of an illegal firearm modification, call an attorney today to get an evaluation of your case.