Columbia Speed Limits

Speed limits are set in place to alert drivers not to exceed the speed in a given area. If they do speed,  they are breaking the law and could be pulled over by a police officer. They could be charged with reckless driving and if they were in an accident and someone is killed, they could be charged with reckless homicide and face ten years in prison. They are endangering the lives of others and can be arrested for it. Technically, even one mile per hour is breaking the law.

If you are unsure about the speed limits in Columbia, it is best to reach out to an experienced reckless driving attorney.

Speed Limits in Columbia

There is always a basic speed limit set in place by statute in South Carolina. The maximum speed limit in South Carolina is 80 miles per hour. It is divided into two specific things, one is the rule of the absolute speed limit, which is 55 to 65, and there is the freeway interstate, which is 70 miles per hour.

If there is no posted sign, 25 miles per hour in business and residential districts. It is usually 30 miles per hour on county roads or 45 miles per hour on other roads when they do not have a posted speed limit. It is best to speak to a tenacious defense attorney to learn more about the Columbia speed limits.

Defenses for Exceeding the Speed Limit

One defense for driving over the Columbia speed limits includes medical emergencies or they are in a position where they have an issue where their life is in danger. If somehow they were under coercion or where someone had a gun to their head, that may be an acceptable defense. There are generally not many other defenses that could be used for the speeding.

Mitigating Circumstances for Speeding

Anything over the posted speed limit is considered speeding. If they were late to an important event, they could try to beg for mercy with the police officer and use that as a mitigating factor or if they are rushing to the hospital because someone was injured. There are many different mitigating circumstances that could be used. They are not defenses but could have the effect of making the officer more likely to give them mercy because of the specific circumstances.

A skilled attorney could investigate the circumstances and help individuals build a defense to mitigate the consequences of a conviction.

How a Reckless Driving Lawyer Could Help

The differences between the Columbia speed limits depend on whether there is a posted speed limit, whether it is a non-posted speed limit, and whether they are in a business or residential area, county area or any other road.

A diligent attorney could review the facts of the case and conduct their own independent investigation to help build a defense. They could determine if there were any mitigating circumstances and help the defendant reduce the consequences. Let a reckless driving attorney help you understand the Columbia speed limits. Schedule a consultation today.