Understanding Speed Traps in Columbia

Speed traps are nothing more than a place where people commonly speed. They drive over the speed limit, and the police set up a radar area with generally more than one officer. One officer is doing radar, and the other one is pulling people over. They are just waiting for people to come to an area driving over the speed limit and will give them a traffic ticket.

It is best to speak to a skilled attorney who could help you understand the use of use traps in reckless driving cases. Understanding speed traps in Columbia could help individuals fight the charges. A knowledgeable reckless driving attorney could investigate the incident and help you build a defense against the charges.

The Purpose of a Speed Trap

Speed traps could be used to give excessive tickets to people who are not paying attention to the speed limit. Additionally, speed traps have a legitimate basis when people are speeding through communities or neighborhoods where there are children or schools. It is set up that way to ensure that the children in different neighborhoods are safe for people to walk, play and enjoy and not have people driving recklessly or at high rates of speed through that area and making it dangerous. A diligent reckless driving by speed attorney could provide more information about the use of speed traps in Columbia.

How Does A Speed Trap Work?

A driver has a set amount of time from when they get to the posted notice of the speed limit. A good rule of thumb is once the speed limit is visible, begin slowing down. An example of when a speed trap is used is where the speed limit changes from a high rate to a much lower one. For example, if the speed limit was 60 miles per hour on a highway and it changes to 35 miles per hour within a very short span of distance, that is the place that could be considered a speed trap. It would be to catch people where they have not lowered their speed within that short amount of time.

It is best to speak to a reckless driving lawyer about the specifics of the statute for their specific case and the use of speed traps in Columbia.

Reach Out to A Reckless Driving Attorney

It is best to monitor your speed when operating a vehicle to make sure you are not driving excessively over the speed limit and not driving recklessly. As soon as a driver passes the sign, they need to be in the process of slowing down, driving under that speed limit or within that designated speed limit. If a law enforcement officer believes the driver is driving recklessly, they could be charged and arrested. An experienced lawyer can look at the factual circumstances and determine whether it is an issue they should pursue or whether their case needs to be challenged at a jury trial. Those who have been charged with reckless driving should seek help from a skilled defense attorney who has a thorough understanding of speed traps in Columbia.

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