Columbia Indecent Exposure Lawyer

Indecent exposure laws have been in existence across the United States for more than 150 years. Even silly actions performed as pranks, like mooning someone, can result in criminal charges for indecent exposure. Indecent exposure charges have serious consequences and can ruin your reputation. People who have been found guilty of indecent exposure may have difficulty finding employment or renting a home with the charge on their record.

Being accused of a sex-related crime can be scary. You may feel helpless and hopeless. Regardless of whether or not you did it, you should not give up on protecting your freedom. Having a seasoned sex crimes attorney on your side will give you the comfort and assurance that you need to get through this. Contact a Columbia indecent exposure lawyer today.

How Local Laws Affect an Indecent Exposure Case

The South Carolina Code of Laws §16-15-130 breaks down the different elements that must be present for someone to be found guilty of an indecent exposure charge. First, a person must willfully, maliciously, and indecently expose their person. If someone does not willingly expose themselves, does so without malicious intent, or does not reveal a part of the body reasonably considered indecent, then they are not guilty of the crime. Second, a person must indecently expose themselves in a public place, on another’s property, or to any person on a street or highway. It is essential to hire a lawyer who knows how to fight every element of Columbia indecent exposure laws to prove innocence or get a lighter sentence.

There are specific penalties for someone guilty of indecent exposure. As a class A misdemeanor, a convicted individual can be fined or imprisoned for no more than three years. The fine is up to the discretion of the court, meaning the judge can decide the amount. The court cannot punish a defendant with both a fine and jail time. It must be one or the other.

An important exception noted in state law is that breastfeeding women will not be guilty of indecent exposure when they do so in a public place, on another’s property, within the view of people on a street or highway, or anywhere else she and her child are allowed to be.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for an Indecent Exposure Charge

Not everyone accused of indecent exposure is necessarily guilty. However, the only way to show that is by having the right evidence. Evidence can make or break a case. Evidence collection can take months and requires intense attention to detail and strategy. It can be a painstaking process to keep evidence organized. Some helpful examples of evidence used in criminal defense cases can include witness testimony, recreating the scene of the alleged crime, or acquiring security footage of the incident. A Columbia attorney with experience handling indecent exposure cases can take on the burden of acquiring the most convincing evidence for a defense.

The legal system can be complicated and overwhelming. A lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors to reduce sentencing or eliminate some charges with plea bargains or deals. Sometimes, there are unwritten rules that only someone with years of experience in local courts would know, and a lawyer can explain the realities of the system to their clients. Our criminal defense lawyers know court rules and the best way to handle the system. A person needs an attorney who understands their indecent exposure case and will fight for the best outcome possible.

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It is important to have an attorney on your side when you are fighting an indecent exposure charge. A conviction can haunt your record for the rest of your life. Do not face the threat of potential fines or jail time on your own. The right lawyer will prepare a formidable defense on your behalf. Contact an indecent exposure lawyer in Columbia today for a case review.