Columbia Sex Offender Registry

Being convicted for a sex crime could bring severe consequences to the alleged offender such as monetary fines, lengthy prison sentences, and placement on the Sex Offender Registry. When an individual is added to the registry, it may follow them for life and make it difficult to obtain loans and even jobs. It could even control where a person is able to live and limit the types of jobs they may be able to obtain.

To avoid being placed on the sex offender registry, individuals should speak to a skilled lawyer in Columbia. A committed sex crimes lawyer could help you understand all your legal options.

What Is The Sex Offender Registry?

The Sex Offender Registry in South Carolina consists of individuals who have been convicted of sex-related crimes. There is a specific state law that states that is an individual gets convicted of a specific crime, they must register as a sex offender. If a person is convicted of one of the crimes listed under Section 233430 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, then they would be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their life. They would be exposed to additional charges for failing to register or update their registration as required by law.

The difference between the national registry and a local registry is that the national registry includes people who are on the federal database, whereas a local registry would be specific to South Carolina.

The Different Levels Of The Registry

There are different levels that are involved in the registry in South Carolina. In South Carolina, the levels are listed as tier two and tier three. Tier two is for those who are convicted of predicate offenses, which include the most serious felonies of sexual abuse or sexual exploitation crime involving victims who are minors and including the distribution or production of child pornography. Tier two offenders require registry for the minimum of 25 years and semi-annually to verify their registration.

Tier three registry is for crimes that would be considered sexual assault or sexual acts regardless of the victim’s age. These include sexual contact defenses, crimes against children under the age of 13, and kidnapping charges. They must register for life quarterly.

Depending on the convictions, offenders may be ordered to go through the sexually violent predator process, which is outlined in Section 233460. It would be a civil matter decided by a judge or jury. For more information about the levels on the Columbia Sex Offender Registry, individuals should speak to a well-practiced attorney in Columbia.

Potential Consequences for Sex Offenders in Columbia

There are a lot of conditions and requirements for those who are required to register. For example, it is mandatory for individuals to register every year and keep their address current on the record. It could be extremely burdensome to an individual. Being listed on the sex offender registry can impact the remainder of an individual’s life in many ways. They will be prevented from living in certain places and have to avoid certain locations, such as parks and schools. This could change a person’s life forever.

Potential employers can find out if a person is on the list or not by simply going to the sex offender registry database in South Carolina and doing a search. With just a quick search on the internet, an employer can find out this information quickly. A diligent criminal lawyer could help an individual avoid being placed on the registry by proving your innocence or fight for lesser charges.

What is The Process to be Removed from The Registry?

Once a person is on the sex offender registry, there is not much a person can do to have themselves removed from the registry. Many people have tried, and very few have been successful. There are a few rare exceptions.

To get removed from the registry, a person has to get their conviction reversed on either an appeal or post-conviction relief (PCR). Their conviction would be overturned and the registry that was triggered by the conviction would also be overturned.

Speak to An Attorney For Legal Advice about the Columbia Sex Offender Registry

A conviction for a sex crime could bring heavy consequences to the alleged offender. The effects could be long-lasting and follow a person for the rest of their life. To combat any sex crime charges, an experienced attorney in Columbia could help. They could fight to prove your innocence or help lessen the charges.

Having a determined lawyer on your side could increase your chances of avoiding the Columbia Sex Offender Registry.