Columbia Sex Crime Investigations

Investigating sex crimes could be a difficult and complex process. Sex crimes are taken very seriously in Columbia due to the sensitive nature of the offense. Police departments and the prosecutor’s office will investigate these crimes by gathering and analyzing evidence, speaking to witnesses, and more.  The alleged offender should also have a team to investigate the event as well independently. Following any charges of sex crimes, it may be best for an individual to seek help from a determined sex crimes attorney.

How Are Sex Crimes Investigated In Columbia?

Sex crimes are investigated very aggressively in Columbia. The prosecutors and lead investigators for those divisions take these cases seriously. They interview witnesses that are given and look for any physical or video evidence that they can get. Cases are typically initiated when someone calls the sheriff’s department and files a complaint. The cases are given to an investigator, who starts to look into the facts of the case and talks to witnesses. They decide whether they have probable cause to draft up an arrest warrant for a magistrate judge to review it.

The tools and tactics used by investigators mainly boil down to interrogations. They will knock on the suspect’s door or give them a call and notify them that they are being investigated by a crime. They will try to get a statement from them and ask them questions. An experienced attorney in Columbia could investigate the alleged offense as well and help mitigate the sex crime charges.

The Agencies And Divisions Investigate Sexual Offenses

There are multiple agencies and divisions that handle sex crime investigations. State troopers or highway patrol do not investigate sex crimes, but any lead investigative agency in a sheriff’s department that focused on sex crime cases would be involved. The attorney general’s office also has investigators for violent crime cases. South Carolina law enforcement also have their own investigators who investigate these type of crimes, as well as other serious felony crimes.

Investigations are common prior to an arrest in sex crime cases. If a complaint is filed and a law enforcement agency is investigating, the likelihood of arrest is very high. The more serious the allegation, the higher the likelihood of an investigation. If law enforcement officers believe they have probable cause, they will proceed with drafting an arrest warrant.

How An Experienced Sex Crime Attorney Could Help

It is important to hire an experienced sex crime lawyer because of the serious nature of the crime. The possibility of going to prison is the most important reason. Second, being placed on the sex offender registry can affect an individual’s livelihood, reputation in the community, career, relationship, and their entire life.

It is best to retain the services of an experienced lawyer who has handled these types of cases before. Individuals who have been charged need a lawyer who knows the defenses, and who knows all the tools that the prosecutors and law enforcement officers will use to try to obtain a conviction. They need somebody who has done it before and has been successful so they can successfully navigate them through this process. For more information, it is best to speak to a skilled criminal defense attorney in Columbia.