Sumter County Domestic Violence Lawyer

South Carolina has consistently ranked as one of the worst states in America for domestic violence. Regardless of the nature and details of an accusation, domestic violence is a serious criminal offense and should not be treated lightly. If you are facing charges of criminal domestic violence, a Sumter County domestic violence lawyer may be able to assist with your case. A determined defense attorney could stand by your side and advocate on your behalf.

History of Domestic Violence Legislation in South Carolina

The national Violence Policy Center ranked South Carolina as the number one state for domestic violence against women, with a rate of 2.32 women killed by domestic violence per 100,000—nearly twice the national average. The state has ranked in the top 10 worst states for domestic violence and domestic violence homicide for the past two decades.

In response to poor rankings in domestic violence studies nationwide, South Carolina has been proactive in tightening up their domestic violence laws, an important and necessary step towards remedying this problem.

However, more stringent regulations have also made it easier for prosecutors to make their cases against domestic violence perpetrators. Unfortunately, this also means that when a person is wrongfully accused of domestic violence, it can be easier for them to be unfairly convicted. This is just one reason why it is so important for someone charged with domestic violence to have an experienced Sumter County domestic violence attorney on their side.

Penalties for Domestic Violence in South Carolina

Under the old laws governing domestic violence penalties in South Carolina, first offenses for domestic violence were not treated as harshly. Under the new standards, however, South Carolina domestic violence convictions for a first offense of the third degree (lowest level) can result in spending up to 90 days in jail and paying a fine of up to $2,500.

Common Misconceptions about Domestic Violence Prosecution

There are many misconceptions about domestic violence prosecutions, and many accused domestic violence defendants are surprised to learn that a case against them may go forward with very little evidence. No injury needs to have occurred for a domestic violence case to proceed, the only requirement is an alleged attempt to cause injury or to engage in conduct they should have known would be likely to cause injury.

Firearm Rights of Domestic Violence Perpetrators

Many defendants accused of domestic violence are concerned about their right to carry a firearm in South Carolina, and rightfully so. Anyone convicted of even a misdemeanor domestic violence charge could potentially be prevented from carrying a firearm in the state.

These harsh laws were enacted because approximately 60 percent of domestic violence homicides were committed with handguns, and it makes sense to keep guns out of the hands of convicted domestic violence perpetrators. However, it is also unfair for a wrongfully convicted person to lose their firearm rights.

If a wrongfully accused domestic violence defendant is an avid hunter, sportsman, or gun collector, it could be crucial that they work with an accomplished Sumter County domestic violence lawyer who understands the serious possible implications of a domestic violence conviction on a firearm owner’s rights.

Consulting a Sumter County Domestic Violence Attorney

No matter the circumstances of your arrest for domestic violence, an experienced Sumter County domestic violence lawyer could work to make sure that your rights are protected. A skilled attorney could ensure all elements of your case are taken into account in court. If you have been charged with domestic violence, call today to schedule a consultation.