Sumter County Expungement Lawyer

An expungement in South Carolina is also known as an order for the destruction of arrest records and is a court order to remove a specific offense from a criminal record. Generally, some first-time and minor offenses are eligible for expungement, but major offenses are not. A Sumter County expungement lawyer can help determine if an offense on your record is eligible for expungement. If so, an expungement attorney can help you file the proper paperwork.

Expunging offenses from a criminal record can benefit a person in several ways. When an offense is expunged from a person’s criminal record, there is no longer any public record of that offense. Potential employers or landlords, for instance, will not see expunged items if they run a background check on someone. Expunging eligible items from a criminal record can be beneficial when applying for employment, applying for housing, obtaining a state license for a specific profession, or applying for membership in a professional organization. Call and schedule an appointment with a qualified criminal defense attorney.

What is Eligible for Expungement in Sumter County?

The expungement of criminal records is outlined in Article 9 in Chapter 22 of Title 17 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Only certain types of items or offenses are eligible to be expunged from a criminal record in Sumter County. Several types of minor offenses or first-time offenses are potentially eligible to be expunged.

An attorney for expungement in Sumter County can explain the different requirements surrounding eligibility for expungement, as well as help determine if an offense on a person’s criminal record is eligible. An attorney can also explain the process of applying for expungement. Examples of what is eligible for expungement in Sumter County include:

  • Non-convictions and not guilty verdicts
  • Offenses for which charges were dismissed after successful completion of a pre-trial intervention program, alcohol education program or traffic education program
  • First offense conviction for simple possession of marijuana
  • A first offenses conviction for offenses with a penalty of a fine of $500 or less or imprisonment of 30 days or less
  • A first offense conviction for a non-violent offense as a youthful offender when the person was between 17-24 years of age at the time of the conviction
  • Non-violent juvenile offenses

What Records Cannot Be Expunged?

Major offenses, including felonies, are not eligible for expungement throughout the state of South Carolina. Additionally, traffic offenses, including DUIs, cannot be expunged either, except for a first offense conviction for failure to stop (for a blue light) a vehicle when signaled to do so by a law enforcement officer. Additional convictions for failure to stop are not eligible to be expunged.

How a Sumter County Expungement Attorney Can Help

A Sumter County expungement attorney can help in several ways. An attorney can answer any legal questions you might have regarding expungement, including which type of records are eligible and which are not. An attorney can also assist you with properly completing and filing the required application for expungement in Sumter County.

Minimize the possibility of making an error when completing an application for expungement and hire an expungement lawyer to handle the details. Expungement lawyers are familiar with the different factors that can potentially impact eligibility for expungement. They can also ensure the application for expungement is filled out and filed properly. Contact a lawyer for expungement in Sumter County today.