Sumter County Solicitation Lawyer

A solicitation conviction in Sumter County could result in fines and even jail time. If a person receives multiple convictions over time, the penalties for solicitation can become increasingly severe with each offense. If you are charged with solicitation, contact a Sumter County solicitation lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled criminal defense attorney may help get the case dismissed or lessen the consequences of such a charge, and in some cases could prevent the court from administering a jail sentence. Call today to learn how an attorney can help with your case.

Solicitation Defined

Solicitation is typically thought of as seeking the services of a prostitute. Sumter County law does not specifically list solicitation as a crime, but rather includes this prohibited behavior under its prostitution statute.

Under South Carolina Code of laws §16-15-90, entitled “Prostitution,” it is a crime to procure or solicit for the purpose of prostitution. It is worth noting that no money needs to be exchanged and no sexual act needs to take place in order to be charged with this violation. Evidence that a defendant merely requested another to engage in prostitution is enough to warrant a conviction.

Sting Operations and Entrapment

It may sound like something from a television show, but undercover officers still actively engage in sting operations to catch would-be solicitors of prostitution. The most obvious case of solicitation would be if an undercover officer approached a person and offered them sex in exchange for money. It is not always this easy, however, to recognize entrapment. These police prostitution sting operations can be quite sophisticated, using online dating sites and forums, and engaging lengthy back and forth online or text conversations.

If an officer tempts a person to commit a crime they otherwise would not have sought to commit, it may be considered entrapment by the court. If this is the case, the court could dismiss the charge completely.

Not every instance of an undercover officer making an arrest for solicitation constitutes entrapment. In many cases, the testimony of an undercover arresting officer will be permitted and used as evidence in a trial. Arguing an entrapment defense requires a nuanced understanding of criminal procedural law. A Sumter County solicitation lawyer could craft such an argument if the circumstances indicate that the police department has engaged in entrapment.

Solicitation Punishments

The penalty scheme for solicitation and related offenses is as follows:

  • First offense: up to 30 days in jail or a fine of up to $200
  • Second offense: up to 6 months incarceration and a fine of up to $1000
  • Third and Subsequent Offenses: up to 12 months in jail and a $3000 fine

Talking to a Sumter County Solicitation Attorney

The stigma surrounding a solicitation charge and conviction can make it difficult to talk about because it is so overwhelming.  However, a solicitation lawyer can help you if you are charged. Do not hesitate to begin working with your attorney to allow for ample time to mount a defense. It is possible to fight a solicitation charge and win.

Learn your rights and place your trust in an attorney to present the best possible defense and to protect your constitutional rights. Call today to learn more about how a Sumter County solicitation lawyer can assist in your case.