Sumter County Gun Lawyer

Gun laws are more accurately designated as firearms violations and can vary depending on whether the firearm is a handgun, long rifle, shotgun, firearms modified to fully automatic capabilities, or short barreled rifles. Gun offenses could result in severe penalties such as jail time and expensive fines. If you are facing a firearm charge, contact a Sumter County gun lawyer right away. An experienced criminal defense attorney could fight for you throughout your case.

What Gun Laws Cover

Gun law violations cover a wide variety of circumstances. They range from carrying a gun under unlawful circumstances to firearms enhancements attached to other crimes such as robbery, assault, or homicide.

Although South Carolina has some of the most lenient firearm possession and carry laws in the United States, there are still some circumstances where possession of a firearm is illegal. Therefore, it is essential for someone who is facing charges to reach out to a Sumter County gun attorney.

Unlawful Possession of a Handgun

The unlawful possession of a handgun is defined under South Carolina §16-20-23. A law-abiding citizen who has never committed a criminal offense can still face criminal prosecution under this code section if they do not follow the rules for carrying or transporting a handgun.

In general, an unlawful possession of a handgun charge will arise when a handgun is not secured properly in a vehicle or is carried by the person under unlawful circumstances. Concealed carry permit holders are generally exempt from charges under this code section but can still be charged if they violate some of the technical rules of the concealed carry permit.

For those without a concealed carry permit, there may still be exceptions to criminal liability for possession of a handgun, including on one’s own property or business, while hunting or fishing or traveling to hunt or fish, and transporting a properly stored handgun in a vehicle.

Chargeable Offenses in Sumter County

There are many other gun or firearm law offenses that may be charged under South Carolina law. They can be categorized as offenses where someone unlawfully possesses a firearm in prohibited circumstances or when someone uses a firearm in an offense. Potential gun or firearms offenses that can be charged under state or federal law include:

  • Possession of a stolen gun or firearm
  • Possession of a gun or firearm modified to fully automatic capability or a short-barreled rifle
  • Possession of a firearm by a felon
  • Possession of a firearm by one who has been deemed mentally defective
  • Possession by someone convicted of certain misdemeanors, such as domestic violence, in violation of the terms of their sentence or probation
  • Possession by someone addicted to narcotics or illegal drugs

Use of a firearm in any criminal activity will almost certainly enhance the charges and penalties of the underlying offense. For information about other specific offenses, contact a Sumter County gun lawyer.

Consulting a Sumter County Gun Attorney

Gun and firearms laws in South Carolina are complicated and technical. This means that an important fact could be overlooked by the police and prosecutor. This could mean that the charge should be dismissed. Call a skilled Sumter County gun lawyer today to schedule an appointment and learn about your options to defend against gun charges.