Sumter County Robbery Lawyer

If you are facing charges of robbery in Sumter County, an attorney can help you navigate the criminal justice system.  Being charged with any type of criminal offense can be frightening.  Facing robbery charges can be especially overwhelming since the potential legal penalties for a conviction can include incarceration (jail time) and a felony on your criminal record. A Sumter County robbery lawyer can prepare a legal defense to the charges to help you obtain the best possible legal outcome. Call a skilled criminal defense attorney and schedule an appointment to begin reviewing your case.

Robbery Laws in Sumter County

Robbery is a form of theft that usually involves stealing directly from or in the presence of an alleged victim.  Several different types of robbery are defined in the South Carolina Code of Laws (see Article 5 of Chapter 11 in Title 16), including:

  • Common law robbery (see section 16-11-325)
  • Robbery while armed with a deadly weapon; armed robbery (see section 16-11-330)
  • Attempted robbery while armed with a deadly weapon (see section 16-11-330)
  • Robbery of people operating motor vehicles for hire, including taxis (see section 16-11-370)
  • Train robbery after entry on train (see section 16-11-360) or by stopping a train (see section 16-11-350)
  • Robbery or attempted robbery of a bank or other financial institution (see section 16-11-380)
  • Robbery of a person using an automated teller machine (see section 16-11-380)

Legal Penalties

Most robbery offenses in Sumter County are categorized as felonies under South Carolina’s Code of Laws (see Title 16, Chapter 11, Article 5). The penalties for a felony robbery conviction can range from a time-served or probationary supervision or up to thirty years in prison.

Robbery and attempted robbery offenses involving the use of a deadly weapon carry the lengthiest sentences. For example, a deadly weapon can include a gun, knife, slingshot, razor, or metal knuckles. Notably, even just claiming to have a deadly weapon, whether in possession of one or not, can also constitute robbery or attempted robbery with a deadly weapon (armed robbery).

In some cases, a fine can also be imposed as a penalty in addition to a term of imprisonment. A Sumter County robbery lawyer could explain the possible penalties associated with the specific robbery charge or charges that you might be facing.

Contacting a Sumter County Robbery Attorney

A Sumter County attorney for robbery can help in several ways. Having hired legal representation in court can give you confidence and peace-of-mind that your lawyer is presenting the best defense possible.  A robbery attorney is familiar with the legal complexities of fighting robbery charges and can help you obtain the best possible legal outcome. Attempting to fight such a robbery charge on your own can be confusing, overwhelming, and dangerous (jeopardize your freedom).

A robbery lawyer can answer your legal questions, tell you what to expect during every phase in the criminal justice process, and prepare you for court. A robbery lawyer can also prepare a sound legal defense to the charges you are facing and fight on your behalf for the best possible legal resolution.

Attempting to fight robbery charges on your own is a foolish undertaking.  You should hire a robbery lawyer to handle your case and be confident you have someone on your side to properly represent you in court. An attorney for robbery will work to obtain the best possible legal outcome based on the facts and circumstances of your case. Contact a Sumter County robbery lawyer today.