Columbia Campus Weapon Lawyer

Each state has different laws prohibiting procession of certain weapons, depending on where they are. College campuses are able to restrict them further than the state law, such as concealed carry inside certain dorm buildings or things like that. College campuses can define what sorts of weapons are permitted in their dorms, even collectible swords.

If you have been accused of possessing a weapon on campus, it is best to reach out to a diligent student defense attorney.  They could help your case from the very beginning. A Columbia campus weapon lawyer could review all of the information and get an understanding of what needs to be done to defend you against the accusations. The defense attorney will conduct an independent investigation and provide the best advice to the student about how to defend them against the charge, and to assist them in any way possible during the case.

Why Do Colleges and Universities Take Weapon Violations So Seriously?

The first reason colleges and universities take weapons violations so seriously is that over the past couple of years there have been so many school shootings throughout the country, they have become prevalent. Many campuses are taking even the most minor small violations very seriously because they are afraid of a similar incident.

If a student is concerned about what is considered a weapon at their school because they own one and want to have it on campus, they should contact the office of student conduct and academic integrity. They can find out what weapons are approved or at least get the proper documentation about where weapons can be kept. Additionally, a diligent Columbia campus weapon lawyer who has experience handling student defense cases could provide insight into what is considered a dangerous weapon.

Schedule a Consultation With a Columbia Campus Weapon Attorney

It is important for students to take campus weapons charges seriously because of the consequences even the collateral penalties can be severe. Starting at the school level, they could be suspended, put on probation, and have notations on their transcript. If they try to go get a more advanced degree such as a masters or a Ph.D., it could affect their chances of getting into the program.

Future employers could ask for a copy of a transcript, and those notations could be listed there. They could be suspended from the school, or expelled. It is because of those collateral consequences that they ultimately should seek out an attorney who has experience in defending those types of cases, one who will do everything they can to get them prepared, and prepare the case and build a strategic plan of defense. They will ensure that the student’s rights are protected and will try their best to make sure the client’s future or livelihood is not at stake.

You do not need to handle the legal aspects of your case alone. Let a tenacious Columbia campus weapon lawyer help you fight the charges and avoid the harsh consequences. Call today to get started building your defense.