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Title IX is a federal law that was meant to level the playing field for women in college, but at times it seems to operate more as a weapon than a tool. Interpretations of Title IX now require colleges and universities that accept federal funding to take vigorous action against any alleged sexual misconduct on campus. Sometimes, innocent students are accused of Title IX violations in situations where the allegations are not warranted.

The resulting disciplinary proceedings often have long-term implications for the accused student. Both academic and professional careers may be put at risk, and findings from an investigation could be used in criminal prosecution. So, it is wise for students accused of Title IX violations to take the matter seriously and seek legal advice from an experienced Columbia Title IX lawyer.

A criminal lawyer familiar with school disciplinary proceedings could build a solid defense and help minimize the impact of the case.

Possible Consequences of a Title IX Investigation

Students who learn they are under investigation for a suspected Title IX investigation may not be too concerned. It does not sound as serious as a criminal charge or even a civil lawsuit in court. School officials may emphasize the fact that proceedings are less formal than a trial and that they will provide an advisor to assist a student accused of wrongdoing. So, it may seem like there is no need to look for a Columbia Title IX lawyer.

However, the consequences of a Title IX investigation and hearing could be severe and negatively affect a student well into their future. The student could be suspended, expelled, or lose scholarships. In addition, the student acquires a social stigma that could remain permanently, and that could surface at any time, thanks to the internet.

School disciplinary hearings for alleged Title IX violations could even lead to criminal charges with the potential for imprisonment, sex offender registration requirements, and the negative impact of a criminal record.

It is wise to take Title IX allegations seriously right from the start. An experienced Title IX defense lawyer in Columbia could help students protect their rights and their future.

School Disciplinary Proceedings Do Not Offer the Protections of Criminal Courts

The laws of our country have established certain rules to protect the rights of those accused of violating criminal statutes. Those accused are considered innocent until proven guilty, and the burden rests with the prosecution to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

In a school disciplinary hearing regarding Title IX violations, the safeguards of due process and procedure differs substantially to the criminal justice system. The standard of proof is generally much lower. Proceedings are dictated by school rules rather than established laws, and these rules may not be fully understood even by those who enforce them.

Students will not usually have the opportunity to question the person accusing them, and they may be limited in the amount and type of evidence they can present in their own defense.

An experienced Columbia Title IX defense lawyer understands these differences and can formulate the best strategy possible for defending these accusations to provide a fair forum for the accused student.

If school rules do not permit an attorney to represent students during the investigation or hearing, a committed lawyer could offer advice and coaching to prepare the student for these challenges.

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Title IX was enacted by Congress to protect students, but colleges and universities addressing Title IX concerns tend to think only about protecting themselves. If schools are perceived as not taking a sufficiently strong stance to safeguard students from sexual misconduct, they risk losing federal funding and damage to their reputation.

So, schools often take an over-zealous approach to investigating and processing allegations of Title IX violations. Students accused need to take affirmative action to protect their legal rights. A dedicated Columbia Title IX lawyer could provide advice and assistance in many ways during a Title IX investigation. To learn how a knowledgeable attorney could help in your situation, call now for a consultation.