Columbia Fake ID Lawyer

In the past several years, a growing market has emerged for buying and selling fake identification cards, otherwise known as fake ID’s. Fake ID criminal offenses carry harsh punishments and collateral consequences. Moreover, if you are a college student, you risk losing your scholarship or other financial assistance.

If you or someone you love is facing charges for possessing a fake ID, you need legal assistance by your side. A Columbia fake ID lawyer can assist you with forming a good legal defense to your charge.

Possessing a Fake Identification Card

Fake ID possession is a crime usually associated with young people in college.  For example, a student at the University of South Carolina.  In many cases, these individuals are trying to accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Purchase alcohol at a liquor store, restaurant, or bar
  • Gain admittance to an over-21 bar or club

Fake ID Penalties in Columbia

Possessing a fake ID can carry a harsh penalty. However, just because someone gets arrested for this offense does not necessarily mean that a judge or jury will find them guilty or convict them.

If a judge does find the accused guilty (convicts) them of possessing a fake ID – which is a misdemeanor crime – the judge can impose a criminal sentence that includes both fines and jail time.

Specifically, if the accused sustains a conviction for illegally possessing a revoked, canceled, suspended, or fraudulently altered driver’s license, they can face a maximum of 30 days in the Richland County jail (Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center). Moreover, if they sustain a subsequent conviction for the same offense, they can face a maximum of six months in the county jail.

If the accused used someone else’s driver’s license or altered a license to either violate the law or defraud another, they can face up to 30 days in the county jail.

Related Offense

A Columbia fake ID possession charge often comes with a charge for minor in possession of alcohol – otherwise known as MIP. These charges, taken together, can result in serious consequences, including a driver’s license suspension of up to one year.

Moreover, the prosecution may charge the offender with a felony or a misdemeanor, as they see fit. This decision depends largely upon the circumstances surrounding the offense.

A conviction for either crime will appear on the offender’s criminal record, which is available for online public viewing.

Talk to a Columbia Fake ID Attorney Today

Although, relatively speaking, fake ID crimes may not seem like a “big deal,” a conviction can result in serious penalties and consequences, up to and including jail time. These potential penalties increase with the number of subsequent offenses.

Moreover, a conviction for possessing a fake ID can significantly impact a young person’s life. A conviction will result in a criminal record which the young person’s school, landlord, and employer can view online.

Since criminal background checks are becoming increasingly more common, a conviction can make it much more difficult for young people to go to school (or maintain financial aid at their current school), find a place to live, and find a competitive job.

If you or your loved one is facing a fake ID possession charge, you should contact a Columbia fake ID lawyer as soon as possible to assist you with your case.