Greenville Conspiracy Lawyer

Conspiracy charges carry serious penalties that can affect the rest of your life. A conspiracy occurs when two or more people work together to commit or plan some type of unlawful act. If you face a conspiracy charge, there are defensive tactics that can be used on your behalf. Your case is unique and deserves the careful consideration of a skilled defense attorney. An experienced Greenville conspiracy lawyer will fight for your rights and will build a defense based on your unique circumstances.

What is Conspiracy?

A conspiracy charge requires two separate elements to be proven by the South Carolina prosecutor. The first is some type of agreement between two or more people to commit some type of illegal conduct, or legal conduct that is completed by illegal means. For this to occur, the agreement does not need to be written or even stated aloud. These agreements can be implicit, which means that the parties understand that they have an agreement even without saying it.

The second element the prosecutor must prove is intent. The parties are required to have knowingly engaged in the illegal agreement and there must also have been intent to pursue an illegal goal. This means that the prosecutor must prove that the parties had the intent to enter into the agreement and that they also had the intent to commit the illegal act.

Completion of the Illegal Act Not Necessary

The offense of conspiracy is completed as soon as the agreement is reached. This means that the agreement is enough on its own. The parties never even have to begin to try to achieve their goal, much less actually accomplish anything. It is not incredibly common that prosecutors will try to charge a person with conspiracy if there is no other act taken, as it can be difficult to prove. However, it can happen.

Conspiracy charges are much more common when charged alongside other criminal offenses. If the criminal plan was put into motion, attempted, or was successful, the prosecutor may also charge the defendant with conspiracy to commit the crime. No matter the situation, a proper defense can help the defendant fight back against these charges, and possibly avoid the potential criminal penalties.

Preparing a Unique Defense

A conspiracy defense lawyer will prepare a legal defense based on the individual facts of the defendant’s case. Defenses that are commonly used in defendants’ cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Presenting reasonable doubt to the jury at trial
  • Show that no agreement was ever made
  • Challenge proof as to intent to enter into the agreement or to commit an illegal act
  • Show that no co-conspirators existed
  • File a suppression motion to exclude certain types of evidence

A properly constructed defense can help a defendant fight back against these criminal charges.

Defend Your Case with a Conspiracy Attorney in Greenville

Conspiracy charges must be defended with a proper legal defense. A skilled attorney knows how to analyze your case and build a defense based on your unique circumstances.

An experienced Greenville conspiracy lawyer can fight for your constitutional rights. Contact us today to get started.