Greenville Fraud Lawyer

If you face fraud charges in the Greenville area, you face the possibility of years in prison, high fines, and the loss of constitutional rights if your offense is a felony. None of these potential penalties should be taken lightly. Fraud can occur in many different ways. Each is a serious offense that requires a strong legal defense that is uniquely created for your case. An experienced Greenville fraud lawyer can build a customized defense for you. It is time to fight back against these charges.

Fraud Charges in South Carolina

Fraud charges are a broad category of criminal offenses, all of which are very serious allegations. Criminal fraud typically involves the use of dishonest or misleading tactics designed to obtain money or services from other individuals, businesses, or organizations. Fraudulent conduct in order to obtain money or services can occur in a personal context or even the business context. Many of these crimes are often considered as white-collar crimes, but fraud can occur at any time.

Types of Fraud Charges

There are many types of fraud charges, not all of which will be listed here. The following constitute some of the most commonly charge fraud crimes under state law.

Check Fraud

Check fraud occurs when a check is knowingly written without sufficient funds, fake checks are made, or checks are written from another’s account. If a check or account is used to commit or further another type of fraud, this may also constitute check fraud.

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud occurs when an application is falsified, goods are obtained without proper credit, another’s card is used without permission, or an altered card is used to fraudulently purchase goods or services. Other types of conduct can also constitute credit card fraud as well.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud can occur when a fake claim is made to an insurance company. This could be in the form of false claims, heightened value of assets claimed, or any other dishonest tactic taken to obtain compensation that is not accurate. Healthcare insurance fraud can occur by doctors, offices, or individuals, and these charges are taken very seriously.

Mail Fraud

Any time the U.S. Mail is used to perpetrate a fraud, this is a federal offense. Serious penalties can result from mail fraud charges.

Bank or Mortgage Fraud

Fraud against banks or mortgage agencies can be the basis for serious criminal sanctions. False information on applications, illegal property sales, foreclosure schemes, and more can land a defendant in prison for years.

There are many more types of fraud, but this list of examples demonstrates the seriousness of a state fraud charge. A qualified fraud defense attorney can help prepare a proper defense.

Contact a Fraud Defense Attorney in Greenville

Every case is unique, so every defense should be unique as well. A skilled defense lawyer will analyze a defendant’s case for its strength and weaknesses, and do the same to the prosecutor’s. A well-prepared legal defense could reduce the charges against the defendant, decrease the potential penalties, or even result in dismissal of the charges.

Fraud charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies, many of which carry years in prison. This loss of freedom, along with high fines, can greatly impact your life if you are convicted of a fraud crime. You have the right to defend yourself against these possibilities.

A Greenville fraud lawyer has the years of experience needed to build you an appropriate legal defense. Contact us today for a consultation of your case.