Greenville Solicitation Lawyer

A charge of solicitation is one that should be defended vigorously and with the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney. If you face these charges, you are accused of engaging in prostitution under state law. Sex crimes are taken very seriously by prosecutors and judges and this sometimes results in higher charges than appropriate. The penalties and stigma associated with this offense require a strong defense. An experienced Greenville solicitation lawyer will analyze your unique case and develop a specialized defense for your particular situation.

Defining Solicitation Under State Law

In South Carolina, there is not a separate offense labeled “solicitation” anywhere in the law books. Instead, soliciting a prostitute is included in the definition of the offense of prostitution. This law is defined in Code Section 16-15-90, and includes the following as acts of prostitution:

  • Taking a person into a place of prostitution
  • Aiding or abetting prostitution
  • Soliciting or procuring prostitution
  • Bringing a person into a vehicle for prostitution

A charge of “solicitation” is actually one of the examples of prostitution listed in the criminal statute. Those who are charged with paying a prostitute for sexual acts or seeking a prostitute for same will actually be charged with the offense of prostitution.

Unlike many other crimes, the transaction or sexual act does not have to be completed in order to be charged with solicitation or prostitution. Even the attempt is enough to be subjected to this criminal charge. Undercover sting operations often capture defendants in this way. No sex ever occurs, but the offense is completed just because a defendant attempted to solicit or procure a prostitute.

Solicitation Penalties if Convicted

If a defendant is convicted of solicitation, the penalties are set forth in Code Section 16-15-110. The penalties differ depending on the number of times a person has been convicted of prostitution in the past.

A first conviction may result in a maximum fine of $200 and is punishable by a maximum of up to thirty days in jail. A second conviction for solicitation may lead to up to six months in jail and a maximum fine of up to $1,000.

If a person is convicted of a third or any subsequent conviction for solicitation, the penalty is increased to a minimum of one year in prison. The fine also increases to a maximum of $3,000.

Other Consequences of a Conviction

Not only will a prostitution or solicitation conviction result in the criminal penalties listed above, they will also have collateral consequences that can greatly affect a person’s life. Criminal charges appear in background checks. This can make it difficult to find employment, get special licenses, or even pick a school.

As a result of these collateral consequences, it is essential that every defendant fight every charge of solicitation. Even a first time offense can negatively alter a person’s life forever. A properly defended case may be able to avoid these negative effects and improve a person’s outlook moving forward.

A Solicitation Attorney in Greenville is Here to Help

Every defendant has the right to push back against the charges against them. This includes you. You should have experienced legal counsel at your side the challenge the prosecutor’s case and seek to have the charges against you dismissed.

An experienced Greenville solicitation lawyer is prepared to fight for you. Schedule a consultation today.