Greenville Traffic Lawyer

Traffic tickets can be a massive pain to deal with, especially when they come with hefty fines and increased car insurance premiums in the months following. However, while simply paying your fine is certainly the path of least resistance when it comes to dealing with traffic offenses, sometimes fighting back against your ticket is the best course of action for preserving both your financial prospects and personal freedom.

If you would like to contest a traffic ticket you received recently, you should first consider retaining a Greenville traffic lawyer to help you pursue the best possible outcome to your case. In addition to minimizing the penalties you might face, a seasoned defense attorney could also work to challenge the assertions of the police officer who arrested you and potentially get your ticket dropped entirely.

What Penalties Could Come from Traffic Offenses?

Importantly, while many other states treat traffic offenses as non-criminal “infractions” or “violations,” South Carolina technically classifies these offenses as criminal misdemeanors. While a single speeding ticket generally will not land someone in jail, repeated or extremely severe offenses like reckless driving can be punished by up to 30 days of imprisonment—on top of hundreds of dollars in fines and court costs—if a court deems it appropriate.

In addition, convictions for certain types of traffic offenses—most notably, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs—can result in mandatory license suspensions, with repeated offenses potentially being punishable by a permanent license revocation. Finally, even minor offenses can have serious financial consequences when it comes time to pay the car insurance bill, as traffic tickets generally correlate with greatly increased prices for even the bare minimum insurance coverage required by state law.

A traffic offense does not just go away once someone pays the fine listed on their traffic ticket. Once that fine is paid, that person has pled guilty to a criminal offense, and that can have repercussions for months or even years to come—some of which a Greenville traffic attorney may be able to help mitigate.

Fighting a Traffic Offense in Greenville

Anyone who wishes to contest a traffic offense in Greenville must appear in court on a certain date and time, which should be listed—along with the name and address of the court where the case will be heard—on the physical ticket they received when they were pulled over. Sometimes, a guilty plea in court will encourage the presiding judge to lessen the applicable fine or offer alternative sanctions like mandatory driving classes, but this is not guaranteed in every situation.

When someone appears in traffic court and pleads not guilty to a traffic offense, the judge will assign the defendant in question a date for a trial at which they can make their case before a jury. Failing to appear in court or pay the ticket may lead to additional criminal penalties, so it is important to seek counsel from a traffic lawyer in Greenville about what course of action to take as soon as possible after getting pulled over.

Talk to a Greenville Traffic Attorney About Legal Options

Going to court to fight a traffic ticket may seem like an unnecessary hassle to some people, but if you are facing serious financial consequences, loss of license, or jail time, it may be the best option available to you. If you want to maximize your chances of success with this kind of case, though, seeking guidance from an experienced legal professional is a virtual necessity.

A skilled Greenville traffic lawyer could be your most valuable ally from start to finish of your case. Call today to learn more about the assistance a dedicated attorney could provide.