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A prostitution conviction can stain your permanent record forever, but a criminal defense may avoid this possibility. Serious criminal penalties are associated with this offense, so it is crucial for you to put up a strong fight against these charges. A variety of conduct can result in a prostitution charge, but some cases are incorrectly charged as prostitution.

If you face prostitution charges, an experienced Greenville prostitution lawyer will help you defend your case. A consultation with an experienced defense attorney could help you understand your rights and your path forward.

Prostitution Charges

Prostitution is defined by South Carolina Code 16-15-90. There are many acts listed that constitute prostitution under state law. Some of the most common include engaging in the act of sex for financial compensation, exposing private areas for the purposes of engaging in prostitution, and procuring or soliciting prostitution.

It is also a crime to aid or abet prostitution. This means that anyone who helps others engage in the exchange of sex for money will also be charged with prostitution. Under state law, even an attempt to participate in the conduct listed in the statute is considered prostitution the same as if it was actually committed. The act does not have to be completed to be charged with prostitution.

There is a lot of stigma associated with prostitution charges. Whether the charge is for being the prostitute or for someone attempting to hire someone for sex, this charge on a person’s criminal record will make it difficult to live a normal life.

Penalties for Prostitution Under State Law

If a defendant is convicted of prostitution, the penalties can have a negative impact on their entire life. The risk of high fines and jail time can result in the loss of a person’s job not to mention the stigma associated with this type of offense.

Criminal penalties for prostitution are based largely on the number of prior convictions, if any, the defendant has for prostitution. These penalties include:

  • First Conviction: A first conviction may result in a fine up to $200, a prison sentence of up to thirty days, or both.
  • Second Conviction: A second conviction may result in a maximum fine of $1,000, a prison sentence of up to sixty days, or both.
  • Third or Subsequent Convictions: After a third or subsequent conviction for prostitution, a fine of not more than $3,000, a minimum jail term of one year, or both will be imposed.

Every prostitution charge needs to be vigorously defended by a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. When these charges stack up, the penalties can quickly get worse and worse. Your freedom and your rights deserve protection.

Presenting a Defense

All prostitution charges must be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt.” This legal standard is designed to be a high burden of proof. It is meant to be difficult for the prosecutor to prove their case without proper evidence. A legal defense can look for areas of weakness in the prosecutor’s case to help prevent a conviction.

Certain motions may be filed, strategies used, and tactics employed by a skilled prostitution attorney to defend a defendant’s case. A charge does not necessarily mean a person will be convicted.

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Fighting back against these charges is a must. The criminal penalties, the stigma, and much more can affect your life for years to come if you do not. Never assume you will be found guilty simply because the prosecutor says so. There are options available in every case.

An experienced Greenville prostitution lawyer will defend your case and your constitutional rights. Contact us today for help.