Summerville Failure to Appear Lawyer

Failing to show up to court because you overlooked the court date printed on your citation or because the court ordered you to show up months can cause significant consequences. Depending on what your police record previously looked like, a failure to appear charge can do more than cause you serious stress and make you lose sleep. Luckily, a knowledgeable defense attorney can help. If you missed your court appearance and wondering what to do, you may be able to ease your mind by talking to a Summerville failure to appear lawyer.

Circumstances That Can Lead to a Failure to Appear Charge

Someone charged with a noncapital offense in a local or circuit court may, after their initial appearance in court, be released on their assurance that they will return for the next scheduled court date. However, the court has the discretion to impose any of several conditions upon their release, as per §17-15-10 of the South Carolina Code of Laws:

  • Require the posting of a bond in some amount to be forfeited if the released person fails to appear for their next court appearance
  • Place the person charged in supervised custody of a designated person or organization
  • Restrict the person’s travel, association, or dwelling place during their release
  • Impose other conditions, such as a requirement that the person return to custody at specified times

If someone fails to appear for a scheduled court date, the court may issue a bench warrant for their arrest and, in addition to any preexisting charges, hold them for their failure to appear. In South Carolina, missing a scheduled court date may result in either a misdemeanor or a felony charge, depending on the circumstances. As anyone in this position will likely end up with more than one charge, they may have good reason to find a knowledgeable Summerville failure to appear attorney.

Consequences of a Failure to Appear Charge

According to §17-15-90 of the S.C. Code, someone convicted of a willful failure to appear in court after being released on a misdemeanor charge may receive a fine of up to $1,000, imprisonment for up to a year, or both. Someone convicted of a failure to appear either for a felony charge or while awaiting sentencing may receive a fine of up to $5,000, imprisonment for up to five years, or both.

A summoned juror who fails to appear in court without providing sufficient reason may be penalized for contempt, per S.C. Code §14-25-185. Those facing a potential penalty for missing a court appearance for any reason, including oversight, may find it useful to consult with a failure to appear attorney in Summerville.

Schedule a Consultation With a Summerville Failure to Appear Attorney

Being called into court over just one criminal charge can unsettle anyone. Being hit with an additional charge for failure to show up in court may leave you wondering where to turn. Turning to a Summerville failure to appear lawyer could be a choice that steers you in the right direction. Call a skilled attorney in your community today.