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When a person gives a statement under oath, that statement is expected to be truthful. When it is a lie, that false statement under oath may be considered perjury. Perjury is a crime and carries harsh penalties for its violation. Penalties can include steep fines and time in jail, so it is crucial that you obtain legal counsel to defend yourself against a perjury charge.

If you face perjury charges in Summerville, an experienced Summerville perjury lawyer is ready to assist you in your defense. Let a knowledgeable defense attorney help you build a strong defense against the charges.

What is Perjury?

When a person is under an oath or affirmation to tell the truth, a knowing lie or false statement the person does not believe to be true is a violation of South Carolina law. This is not every statement a person must make. It must be under oath and often occurs during official proceedings or when signing certain types of documents.

Another important thing to understand is that, under state law, a person can be charged with perjury for providing misleading, false, or incomplete information on a form or document if it is legally binding. Affidavits, certain applications, and other documents that make a statement that the contents are true and accurate may result in a perjury charge if falsified. While many forms may warn that the oath is subject to perjury laws, a document is not necessarily required to warn of the possibility of perjury.

Perjury statements can be charged against anyone who is under oath, not just defendants in criminal cases. This could include witnesses, experts, police officers, and many more.

Penalties for Perjury in Summerville

If a person is convicted of a perjury charge, the penalties are rather harsh. Prosecutors tend to pursue these cases vigorously, and may be overzealous in their prosecution of the case.

If a person is convicted of lying or providing false testimony while under oath, the offense is a felony. The defendant could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison, be fined, or both. A felony record can make it incredibly difficult to find and maintain employment, and will result in the loss of certain constitutional rights.

If a person is convicted of giving false or fraudulent information in a document required by state laws, the offense is a misdemeanor. If convicted, the defendant could face a maximum of six months in jail, a minimum fine of $100, or both.

Possible Defenses to the Charges

When a defendant is charged with perjury, it is essential to work with a skilled criminal defense attorney to present a defense to the charge. The possibility of years in prison, high fines, and more should not be taken lightly.

Potential perjury defenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Show that defendant believed the statement was true
  • Demonstrate that the statement was not actually false
  • Prove that the statement was not made under oath
  • Show that the false information or statement was not material

An effective defense may result in a reduction of the charges or a dismissal of the charges against the defendant.

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Perjury charges can lead to years in prison, so it is absolutely critical that you approach an attorney with years of criminal defense experience. Fighting perjury charges comes with unique challenges that are individual to every case. You deserve the care and attention of an analysis of your unique situation.

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