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Although state law makes it relatively easy to legally carry firearms, the law still places limits on who, where, and how you can carry firearms. Furthermore, using firearms in the course of committing crimes can result in enhanced penalties. As a result, consulting a Summerville gun lawyer when facing any gun-related criminal charges absolutely the best way to protect your rights and defend against false accusations.

The consequences of a criminal conviction related to gun possession or usage can be harsh. You could face incarceration, high fines, and a permanent criminal record. A diligent criminal lawyer could be crucial to your ability to overcome or minimize the risk of encountering these repercussions.

Gun-Related Charges in Summerville

State and federal laws place different prohibitions and restrictions on gun possession and usage. Committing criminal offenses while using or brandishing guns also can increase the potential charges and penalties for those crimes. In addition to the punishments for these criminal offenses, individuals may face an inability to carry or own firearms in the future.

The law categorically prevents some individuals from possessing, owning, or carrying firearms, including those who have a felony conviction. Even individuals who legally carry firearms face restrictions on the places in which they can carry them. Consulting a gun lawyer in Summerville may be the most effective means of avoiding violations of these laws and fighting back against any criminal charges that result.

Restrictions on Where Individuals Can Possess Firearms

Although individuals generally may carry firearms in public if they possess a valid concealed carry permit, they still must refrain from carrying guns in some locations. These laws do have exemptions for some individuals, such as law enforcement officers and members of the military. Still, even those who legally possess firearms can face criminal charges if they violate these laws if they do not fall within one of those exemptions.

S.C. Code § 23-31-215(M) states explicitly that a legally obtained permit does not allow individuals to carry concealed weapons in some places, including in:

  • Law enforcement and correctional or detention facilities
  • Courthouses
  • Daycare and preschool facilities
  • School or college athletic events not involving firearms

In some cases, concealed weapons are not permissible unless the head or director of the facility grants express permission for people to carry guns in these locations. For instance, permit holders must seek permission to take their concealed weapons into churches, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. If property owners have posted a sign prohibiting concealed weapons on the premises, then individuals must get written consent from them to carry their firearms before entering the premises.

Prohibitions on Carrying Handguns

S.C. Code § 16-23-20 generally prohibits individuals from carrying handguns, whether openly or concealed on their persons. However, numerous exceptions and circumstances exist in which carrying handguns is perfectly legal, such as in the case of a concealed weapons permit holder. In addition to exemptions for law enforcement officers and individuals in similar positions, individuals can freely possess handguns in their homes and businesses, as well on the property of others who have permitted them to possess handguns.

Individuals also are free to legally transport handguns in their vehicles if they are secured in latched compartments such as closed glove compartments, consoles, trunks, or in sealed containers in the luggage compartment of vehicles. The law also permits persons to carry handguns between their homes, businesses, and places of purchase, or while moving, as well as to vehicles in between these legal locations.

Under S.C. Code § 16-23-50, violation of this code section is a misdemeanor, which carries the possibility of up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Law enforcement officials also must confiscate the handgun involved in the offense. Persons who are facing this charge may benefit from the advice of a gun attorney in Summerville.

Consult a Summerville Gun Attorney Today

As state legislatures and law enforcement agencies continue to crack down on gun violence, violation of firearms laws can result in severe penalties. Without knowledge of these laws and how they impact your gun ownership, you may face criminal charges. A Summerville gun lawyer can be your most forceful legal advocate when you are facing any gun-related charges.

Without legal representation, you could risk forfeiting your right ever to possess firearms in the future. If convicted, you also will have a permanent criminal record that can inhibit your job opportunities in the future. To avoid or minimize your exposure to these sanctions, consulting legal counsel may be in your best interests. Call today to get started building your defense.