Summerville Money Laundering Lawyer

If you are charged with the offense money laundering, you need a strong defense to avoid the possibility of prison time, high fines, and the loss of your rights. Financial transactions designed to avoid taxes or hide money are illegal, but in many cases, prosecutors charge when they do not really have enough proof. Many cases can be challenged in court and this may protect you from criminal penalties.

With the help of a Summerville money laundering lawyer, you can fight the charges against you. You are guaranteed the right to legal counsel.

What is Money Laundering?

An offense of money laundering occurs when a person conducts, or attempts to conduct, a financial transaction that involves the proceeds from some type of illegal activity. It is an effort to take the proceeds of criminal activity and make those proceeds appear as if they were legally earned. The manner in which this illegal activity occurred is not necessarily important. So long as the proceeds were obtained through illicit means, any effort to make them appear legitimate may result in criminal charges.

Elements of the Offense

In order for state prosecutors to prove the offense of money laundering, they are required to prove each and every element beyond a reasonable doubt. This is an incredibly high standard of proof. With the help of a skilled attorney, a defendant can seek to poke holes in the prosecutor’s case and possibly prevent the prosecutor from proving every element.

The elements of money laundering include:

  • Knowledge by defendant that the proceeds originate from an illicit act
  • Intent by defendant to use proceeds for certain illegal purposes
  • Actual use of the proceeds for a specific type of illegal crime
  • Actual or attempted performance of a financial transaction that affects commerce

There are additional specific elements within each of the categories listed that must also be proven. These cases can be complex to prosecute, but also to defend. It requires the experience of a money laundering defense attorney to challenge the prosecutor’s case.

Penalties for Money Laundering

South Carolina takes a strict line against money laundering and over the years has continued to increase the regulations and penalties associated with money laundering charges. Special licenses are typically required to conduct certain financial transactions, and any knowledge that the proceeds originate from illegal means may subject a person to prosecution.

Penalties for money laundering are based upon the transaction amount. This amount is aggregated from a period of one year, meaning any transactions done during a twelve-month period are added together to determine the amount.

Depending on the amount at issue, a person could face anywhere from zero to twenty years in prison. If a defendant is convicted of money laundering, they could also face an incredibly high fine. A person could be fined up to $250,000 or twice the value of the transactions for a first offense. This amount is raised to up to $500,000.

Contact a Money Laundering Defense Attorney in Summerville

Charges of money laundering are incredibly serious. This offense carries the possibility of decades in prison and some of the highest fines permissible under state law. It is crucial that you defend your case with the help of a competent attorney who has years of practice in this field.

An experienced Summerville money laundering lawyer will fight for your constitutional rights. Schedule a consultation today.